Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Laneige Haul! Sleeping Masks and Intensive Cream

With this order, I finally satisfied my curiosity regarding whether GMarket only has one box size or not. It seems like no matter how much I ordered, the box size stayed this same. Today, I can finally tell you that they do have other box sizes!! This box is maybe 1/5 the size of the normal box. My seller just decided to stack the three, bubble wrap around, and tape over the exposed boxes. Maybe they were running a little low on supply.

Packaging is very nice looking.

Laneige Firming Mask- This product also returns to normal form after you take a chunk out of it. Some people were using that as an advertising method saying, it would conform to your face and make it firm that way... something like that. Comes with a spatula. Unfortunately there is nowhere to store it, except in the plastic. This product has a distinctly floral scent. Kind of common in asian toiletries, but this has a lighter, less perfumey scent. It contains their trademark Sleepscent. You might think that it's supposed to help knock you out, but it doesn't. The box has a snowflake on the outside, lol. When I opened it, it sounded like I was breaking a seal, so that's good.

It is slightly sticky after application, but so much better than the one by Holika Holika. This is the more grown up version, and I can see myself using it more often. This must be washed off the next morning.

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX- A gel type of product which is very cooling. Also contains Sleepscent, but this is a different scent from the Firming Pack. Hard to describe, but it's not really that floral. If you smell long and hard enough, you can maybe detect something woody and fruity. The directions tell you to sniff it for a few seconds to help relax. The suggested massage is so funny. This seems like something good for hot summer nights.

CONCLUSION: If I had tried them out before, I'd have picked the Firming Pack, and Holika Holika's White Wine (just because it smells so good). Holika Holika's seem like something for a teenage sleepover. Laneige's seems like products that are a little bit more serious.

Laneige Water Bank Intensive Cream- Really like this product. It lends a velvety texture to my extremely dry skin. The cream is very thick, but once you warm it up in your hands it becomes easier to apply. There are strange little dot clumps in there but you can't feel them once you apply the product. Not greasy at all. Also comes with a spatula, but there's nowhere to store it so I'm not sure where it's gone. They should make a groove in the lid where you can store the spatula or something. This one also has this interesting seal on top that you pull out.

I would buy this product again. At least there is some immediate relief for my dry skin. The Etude House Total Age-Repair Emulsion that I've been using for over a year has not done anything for me. I've only kept with it because it was so expensive ~$17 and such a big bottle. Managed to finish off most of it! Funny thing is that Laneige and Etude House are both under the same company. Laneige is supposed to be more higher end than Etude House though, we'll see.

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