Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sephora Favorites Sampler Set

Recently, fragrances have really caught my attention. It all started with Givenchy's Dahlia Noir Eau de Toilette. Then Harvey Prince's Flirt completely had me hooked. To help me expand my fragrance collection, I decided to purchase Sephora's sampler set. They give you an assortment of popular scents so you can try them on a couple times and decided if you really like them. The set is $50, but they give you a $50 voucher to redeem a larger size of the fragrance. Sometimes, the value of the fragrance is even more than $50 (ex. Hanae Mori's Butterfly).

The set comes in something resembling a book. When you open it, fragrances are on one side, the voucher and a booklet on the other. The booklet has a small description of each fragrance. As others have noted, it is difficult to remove the fragrances from the slots without spraying them. What I did was to take the whole tray out, and pop them out from the back. The plastic tray is so thick it doesn't even crease or damage.

1. Betsey Johnson- Too Too Pretty

I'm a fan of Betsey Johnson. She's so quirky and her designs are really fun. This scent reminds me of candy and fruit. It's not that sweet, but there's just something about it. Also has that "hollow" scent.

2. COACH- Poppy

I thought this was Poppy Flower instead of Poppy. Oops. This one is nice, but the florals are extremely strong. The creme brulee and whipped marshmallow part add a "warm vanilla" type of scent effect which I am not too fond of. You may be.

3. DKNY- Be Delicious

This scent has been on my wishlist for the longest time. We're talking years. I once smelled it and fell in love with the addictive apple scent. Maybe I smelled one of the other ones in the line? This one started out with a hint of apple, then progressed heavily into the florals. Tuberose and rose scents especially. What's also disappointing is that after a while there is an "empty scent" effect, as if smelling water.

4. Givenchy- Very Irresistible Givenchy

Unfortunately I misplaced this, and forgot what it smells like @_@

5. GUCCI Guilty Intense

Has that initial "fresh" scent, that fades into a gentler more feminine scent. Then it ends off on a much sharper scent. Yes. That's the best I can do on this one.

6. Guerlain- La petite Robe noire

It completely tickled me to smell the Sparkling Aldehyde (remember my Save on Scents order?). This also definitely has a licorice presence. The fruity floral part was nice, but the licorice and smoky black tea make it into a strange scent.

7. Hanae Mori- Butterfly

Turns out the Eau de Parfum has a much stronger initial fruity lychee-type scent than the Eau de Toilette. The Eau de Toilette (this one) quickly fades from a brief fruity scent to a heavy "warm vanilla" type of scent (from the sandalwood and cedar maybe?). Not a fan.

8. Viva La Juicy- La Fleur

The original Viva La Juicy is wildly popular, but I find it too sweet. Viva La Juicy La Fleur is a little bit less sweeter (still sweet!), but the sweetness is cut down with a bit of florals. Not bad =)

9. Marc Jacobs- Dot

This is a very light, uplifting scent. Out of the whole lot, this one is the one I like best. After a while, it also gets that "hollow"/ water type of scent.

10. Narcisco Rodrigues- for her

An interesting honeysuckle scent.

11. Prada- Candy

Smells a bit like window cleaner and something else.

12. Versace- Bright Crystal

The most prominent scent is the peony. I happen to like peonies, and this fragrance does indeed emit a playful scent.

Overall, I'm not too excited about any of these. They just mainly seem "ok". Hopefully this is returnable?...

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