Monday, February 15, 2010

Coastal Scents Mini Haul: Finally

So some of you may have read my post about my attempt at a Coastal Scents haul. Well I've finally done one. Overall, I have to say, their shipping is reasonably timed. I've since forgotten how long it took, but it wasn't more than a week i don't think.

I got some 4 oz containers, .10? spoons, African Soap, and some brushes (hearts tissue paper).

Here are all the brushes! Plus they also added in a sample of blush "Sunkissed" or something.

The two lip brushes come with these caps.

The two lip brushes and the two smudger looking ones look the same. I only used the black lip brush and the pink smudger. For me they work pretty well. The pink smudger I use to spot conceal. Since I haven't used the pink lip brush or the black smudger you can buy them from me (I don't really want two of each and they're taking up desk room lol) in my shop. I'll sell them for $2 each or $3 for both.

This is proof of why you should always wash your brushes, again my camera washes it out, but you can still see how I got a bunch of yellow coming off of the eyeliner brush!

I tried the eyeliner brush and as you can see, it works pretty well, it's a pretty thin line in my opinion. The only thing is that this brush they crushed in the middle (so that the hairs won't fall out, it's how they hold them in: see pic of all brushes above). but they pushed it in too much in the middle, so i have a dip in the middle of the brush now, and somehow it doesn't seem like the application is as smooth as it could be. I still like this brush though and use it daily.

The African Black soap I tried. It's supposedly from Ghana. Not the fake stuff they dye black. This stuff is supposed to be fore those with sensitive skin, apparently it works great for clearing up problem areas. My skin isn't the sensitive kind, so to me it really just felt like I was using glycerin soap. You get the really squeaky clean feel. This stuff has a scent that smells like..a lot of medicinal stuff put together. Don't get me wrong, it's not  a bad smell. I found though that i ended up getting a bunch of super surface breakouts, I'm not sure if they're new created by me using the soap, or it's just that they were deep down and this stuff brought them to the surface. I heard that that's one of the things it does.
Anyhow, since it doesn't really seem to have any huge effect on my skin I'm also selling samples of this stuff in my shop because it doesn't seem like I'll ever get through it all lol. When it comes it's this really porous stuff that you squeeze together before you use. I figured for those of you who want to try it out first before you buy the whole big thing, I can help out. I'll sell them in batches of 2 oz for $2. I'm using about 2 oz right now and it's plenty, enough for a couple of weeks- 1 month.

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