Thursday, February 18, 2010

Etude House USA Pre-Order/ Spree [CLOSED]

Hi readers, I wanted to order some things from and thought that while I was at it I might as well as set up a preorder as well for anyone else who is interested. The site has flat rate shipping of $6 but for those of us who just want to buy one or two items I thought this might be a better idea since we can pay a lesser amount for shipping. If we can get at least 6 people into the order then that will only be $1 shipping from the company to me (If we get 12 people then $.50 and so on). As long as you don't need too many heavy things, even with the shipping from me to you, you would still be paying less. If you're thinking of a big order or need your items fast then it might be cheaper/ better for you to just order yourself directly =D.

I have to make this a preorder instead of a survey because I have no money, lol. If you've been following my GMarket Update post then you know that I've quite a haul going from there, but there are issues with getting it actually shipped to me -___-. Meanwhile I thought I'd try ordering a couple items locally. I'm pretty confident that ordering from the US site won't be a problem from past users who have had experience with this site. Also we won't have to deal with customs and etc.

Because I benefit too from lesser shipping from Etude House already, I'm not charging any service fee or whatever, just the amount that it will cost to ship to you, which I estimate to be $2-3 depending on what you order (how much it weighs).

To see my seller buyer feedback, you can look up "kiwichibi" on Soompi (~10+ seller) or ebay. I'm not trying to scam anyone, but if you don't feel confident then please don't order.

I plan to have this go for 1 month or so depending on how fast/ how many people want to order (so pull all your friends in too!!- you can say for instance that you're ordering for 3 people and I'll give you 3 ppl's worth of shipping so you can divide it among yourselves. Or you can just do it for one person and have it cheaper overall, but we'll have to wait for more people). Goal is at least 6 people in the order, or if we can, make it to 12.

I'm NOT going to charge you money up front, what will happen is:
1. You email me at with what you want to order and I'll give you shipping estimate.
2.when we've collected enough people, I'll email everyone to make sure that you still want the orders. I will confirm payments and addresses. IT IS CRUCIAL THAT YOU GIVE ME AN EMAIL ADDRESS WHERE I CAN EASILY REACH YOU. If I can't contact you within a week or by the time everyone else pays I will assume you no longer want to order.
3. When all the payments are in, I will order. According to another customer it takes about 1 week to arrive. Then within the next week I will mail everything out to everyone and you will receive the item in about a week.

All in all I estimate ~1.5- 2 months for the whole process depending on how many people we can get/ how fast. So pass the word along >.<. Get a bunch of your school friends who may be just want to try the brand out.

Be sure to check out my shop to read my Terms & Conditions first though (not responsible for PO damage, etc)

Stuff I'm considering getting: Just to give you some ideas

Peach water gloss
O2 oxygen mask
Stamp Blush
maybe one of the AC clinic acne products: i've seen some pictures and it seems like it works some.

Email me at if you have any questions!

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