Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Too Faced Retractable Kabuki

Yay! Finally, my Too Faced kabuki has arrived. I got it off of ebay for $23 with shipping which is a lot cheaper than it's usual $30. The seller claimed that she was going to ship it via priority shipping and charged $5, but instead she shipped it First Class. That really got my panties in a bunch. Overcharging for shipping is one thing, but claiming priority shipping when you send it first class is another. I was expecting that package for so long and it didn't arrive til 8 days after she shipped (with weekends).

I think...this brush may not have been new as claimed, but I'm not sure. When I cleaned it all this stuff came out and it doesn't look like coloring that would've come off this white and black brush. See people, that's why we always clean our brushes before we use them. I also used 90% alcohol. Would've used 70%- better for killing stuff- but I didn't have any.

Someone had give this brush 3 stars claiming that it's hard to dry. I will admit that it is. but how often do you clean your brush? As long as it's not everyday it'll be fine. I used a hairdryer to help speed up the drying because I wanted to test it so I could post about it.

The brush is SOOOOO soft. It's almost a "sticky" hair quality, so you can bet it'll pick up product. I've used pics to compare it to my Ecotools kabuki which I also really like. The too faced bristles are a bit stiffer- but softer!, and the poof of the brush is smaller. It's good for giving a heavier coverage. I would use the Ecotools as overall power to set since it has a bit of a poofy quality, and the Too Faced for powder foundation and the like.

As you can see, I've applied the Coastal Scents "sunkissed" blush on with it. This blush really does give a sunkissed effect. When I first saw it I thought it would be better as a bronzer, but once I applied it, the red tones came out.

The diameters of the Too Faced and Eco Tools are about the same. but the casing for the Too Faced feels of better quality , it's much sturdier, and look at the beautiful packaging. they both work in the same way with the piece that pulls over the brush.

My bare cheek.
Blush w/ Too faced.
Done with Ecotools.

If you can see, the too faced brush has hairs sticking
out and it looks uneven- not rounded, like the quality of the cut was bad =/

otherwise I really like this brush.

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