Monday, February 15, 2010

Inglot Follow Up

So I've tested out the Inglot products some more and deem them to be ok.
I've compared the Inglot gel liner to L'oreal HiP's. The top is Inglot, it has a bit of a shinier finish. Neither one of them rubs off too easily, but if I rub hard with water, the HiP smudges more.

One thing though, just like my other eyeliners my eye has somehow gotten used to this liner and secreted more oil or something. I easily rubbed this off at the end of the day in one swipe of the finger. Such a shame. everytime i find a liner that works, my eye mutates to make it not work @.@

This is the palette I got, I've done swatches of the colors. I think the #s are Blue (428), Green (414), Gold/copper (25), Pink (46).

The pink is actually more ...seeable? In real life. It wears off fast though. Within a couple hours there will only be a little glitter left.

This is the green, the second picture has the gold in the inner corner. As always you can't see too well, but just imagine the colors being more vivid and less gray.

This is the blue, it has a slight purple tinge.

Remember how i said the 630 nailpolish showed up too gold and i wanted it more pink? Well I figured out how to! If you coat the top with Orly Peroxide Whitening gel, then it'll be more pink (middle one). The rightmost is the old swatch I did the first time. You can see how it's more gold. Apologies for my super dry skin.

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