Friday, April 23, 2010

Nude Lipsticks

So I didn't really want a nude lipstick nor did I see the use in one. I like having pink lips and thought I wouldn't want to change that. Well, that is until I had a heavy eye look and decided to also use blush,...and then just realized that my pigmented lips were too much and needed toning down.

Thus, I poked around all over the internet to find a decent drugstore nude lipstick. Drugstore because I know it won't be using it often, so I really just wanted something cheap for the occasional. I came across three that were mentioned a lot, Revlon's Nude Attitude, and L'oreal's Fairest Nude, and Rimmel's Airy Fairy. When I got to my Rite Aid, they didn't have any Rimmel there, so that was out, even though it seemed like a favorite. I was browsing all along the L'oreal racks and the entire line that they called Nude would not be anything near what I consider nude. I think of nude as kind of a skin tone color, maybe just a bit more pink or brown to distinguish it from your skin, but just barely. The colors there were all way too dark!! At least 3 shades darker than my skin. So I poked around and I think I also saw the Fairest Nude, but that looked a bit too much like a pink lipstick to me (if I remember correctly). I found this one called Golden Splendor, which is a yellow pink, I would kind of describe it as being like a dusty rose, but lighter.

Then I went to the Revlon section and found the Nude Attitude. Let me tell you, Nude Attitude and Golden Splendor look like the exact same shade. The only difference is that Nude Attitude is matte, and Golden Splendor is shimmery. So I thought I might as well as buy them both and see what I liked better.

I didn't want a lipstick that was too matte, because a nude matte sometimes looks a bit funny, but I wasn't sure that the Golden Splendor would have enough coverage. My lips are pretty pigmented and they need a lot of coverage.

Then right before I left, a found a similar color, but one that was a bit more pink, just a hint, but also shimmery. It's called Champagne Ice, also by Revlon. So I decided to pick that up too.

And now for the individual reviews/ breakdown.


I tried this color on first and was sorely disappointed. I picked it up because I thought the shimmer would add a little somethin something to the lip, but it has absolutely horrid coverage and is very shimmery. It's a sheer lipstick really, but very Golden and shiny, so I guess in that way it does block out the natural color X_X. The texture is very creamy, it slides around and I doubt the last will be that long, although I can't say for sure because I haven't tested it for longevity yet at this point. It actually has a pleasant gentle smell, I noticed that.


From the reviews, people didn't like Nude Attitude as much, it was ok for a quick fix, but eventually they all move on, so I wasn't really expecting much from it at all. I tried this on after the Golden Splendor and was pleased that it gave slightly more coverage than the L'oreal Golden Splendor. The only thing that had on it was that although this is a matte lipstick, its still very creamy. While you might think this is a good thing, it's too creamy. The product slips and slides and ends up in the cracks, so you end up with a strange milky look on your lips with the lipstick concentrated in the cracks. Kind of unflattering. I would say definitely layer gloss over it to help diffuse it.

I didn't try the Revlon Champage Ice because I was thinking that I might like to return it, there's just no sense in me keeping all these lippies when I won't get around to using them all. I have to say though, I wish I had opened this instead of using the Golden Splendor first. I think it would've been a much better color. The formula for the Revlon seems to provide more coverage, so it would've probably worked better than the Golden Spendor. If I had to do it over, I would just have tried on the two Revlon ones first.

Should I find the Rimmel then I will try it. Meanwhile I think I'll try giving the Golden Splendor to a friend. She likes Nude lipsticks and well, I figured, it's the least I can do after she gave me the Revlon Infatuation. Granted, mine cost more, but better her using it than just sitting in my basket to die.


Top, Revlon Nude Attitude. Bottom left: Revlon Champagne Ice. Right: Golden Splendor

Left: L'oreal Golden Spendor, Right: Revlon Nude Attitude

Nude Attitude on the left, normal lips on the right

Nude Attitude with Golden Splendor Layered on top on the left, Normal Lips on the right

Nude attitude on the left, Golden Splendor on the right.

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