Saturday, November 19, 2011

GMarket Haul (Finally!) Pt.1

This time, the box came all mangled and wet. Strange because it didn't rain. I was reading horror stories about how sometimes the Fed Ex trucks will leak and packages will stick to the floor. I guess that's what happened here. Also, I noticed that Gmarket doesn't lower prices on the front for customs anymore. Which is terrible for me because for some reason the packages always deliver when I'm not home, so when other people sign for the package they can see how much I spent...

Got these cute cheap earrings! The seller actually got my order wrong, I didn't order the crown bow earrings, I ordered another pair, but at <$1, I figured it wasn't worth arguing about. They're cute anyways (I just ordered the ones I originally wanted in my next order again ^^. Hairtie is a freebie. If you want the bow crown earrings though I can ship them to you for $2! Just email me at If you want tracking on it, it'll be $3 though. I suggest browsing through my blog and picking up another item or two to make it worthwhile- tracking might be free (I have so many things for you all!)

I needed an overnight bag so I thought I'd take a look around =/ I think I ordered the wrong one. I was trying to decide between two. This one looked fancier on the outside, but I think it may be too thin a bit =/. Still looks ok if I want to fill it with clothes though. I don't know why the picture is sideways, but this way I can squeeze them both on the same line ^^.

 Also spotted what I thought was an interesting trenchcoat~ The back area is chiffon. The only thing is I thought the material was thicker, and it's quite light. Very VERY soft and comfy material. I think this is more suited for spring/ early fall. I'm very short so these sleeves come past my fingertips... I got another one on Gmarket (I'll show you later) which has shorter sleeves (it's got its quirks too, tell you about them later), so if you are looking for an traditional piece with a bit of flair for slightly chilly weather, I can send this to you at the heavily discounted price (it was not cheap) of $15 shipped. I won't give it much use since I have the other one with slightly shorter sleeves. It's about a small size, but if you need measurements, want to buy,  or other questions, EMAIL ME at

The hairties seller was really cute! They even wrote me a note in English and packaged my things nicely. I HIGHLY recommend the cloth hairties. They are impressive looking. 

Got some gaudy rings! The other pearl thing is a freebie. I think it's an apology for one of the items being out of stock.

Hairbands. I don't really wear hairbands, but they were cute.

ALSO... BIG NEWS, I got an Instax Mini 25. Not from Gmarket though, because I figured if something went wrong I couldn't return it. I love it so much, I dream about taking pictures with it. At first I couldn't figure out which way the macro lens went on, then I realized the flat part was to not cover the mirror area.

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