Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Samy Fat Foam Hair Color

Hi my lovely readers. I got all my Gmarket stuff in, and I love most of it! Buttt... I'll leave that for another post (are you impatient enough now?)

This post is going to be about my experience with Samy Fat Foam hair color yesterday. I got the intense red color, the one that says RR. I've been eyeing this product, mostly for the packaging. When I opened it, I was thinking, is this huge bottle really necessary?...

Turns out it is. You can google a lot of pictures on what's inside, but this post is more on my thoughts on the product.

First, the developer is clear liquid. While that's not a huge surprise it was a little bit of one because I'm mainly used to using a creme developer. The color is also powder which I've never used before. It was always liquid or creme. At first when you mix the two together, it's almost an off white, not the color you eventually want to get (but that's ok). After you shake the mixture in the container, you open the container to see that the foam actually reaches allll the way to the top and almost spills out.

The instructions basically will have you shivering in your pants not to drip anywhere without wiping up immediately. I found that you do have some time left to clean things up before it stains for good. Unlike Clairol colors. Application is where I run into problems though. You may recall my posts on John Frieda's Precision hair color and how I noted it was difficult to get the color even when you use the foam application. This particular product is also a drippy foam (they note it in the instructions) but it doesn't lather up! DO NOT try to apply it every which way as I did. Well I did separate into three layers, but it's best to be methodolical with this product and thoroughly cover each layer.

The product did have a bit of a burning to the nose and bad smell as is common of these products, but it's not as bad as the John Frieda one. The color is completely not what I expected. It looks orange to me. I hate it when my hair is orange.

After the product was washed out, my hair felt sooo damaged. It was the worst yet, maybe even worse than when I first did a light bleach on my hair the first time dyeing. I can understand why they say not to comb, your hair will most likely fall out in chunks. But then I put their shampoo on (normally I never shampoo after dyeing, only condition, but they include a shampoo) my hair immediately got much smoother and silkier. I then applied the conditioner and when my hair was dry and done? Well now it's super silky to the touch.

My roots are still very dark in most areas, but the dye was able to smooth out the line between dyed hair and roots some. You can see the uneven application =/.

Conclusion: I don't think I can recommend this product due to difficulty in usage, color, and extent of damage to hair. If this is a product that you love, well don't let me stop you! It's just not one that I would use often. The John Frieda one leaves everything burning and you want to choke from the smell, but at least it lightens hair and produces a nice color.

I kind of want to go out and buy a brown or something to fix this. I'm supposed to dress professionally to work so I'm not sure how they'll take to my orange streaks. And yes, they are orange. They don't look as terrible in the pictures, but they are.

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