Friday, March 02, 2012

Review: Baviphat Magic Girls Plus BB Cream- Spf30

Since my search for a BB cream suiting my current skin needs started, I've been willing to try a variety of BB creams. My search lead me to Baviphat's Magic Girls Plus BB Cream. It is spf 30 and formulated to be "Moisturizing for Dry Skin".

This brand has cute drawings of girls on its packaging.

Color: Works for me! Neutral in tone and for Fair to Fair Medium skin.

Coverage: Sheer, the coverage is light to light medium but you can see for yourself. It does offer some  coverage. For this picture I liberally applied the product.

Texture: I think it is fairly moisturizing, certainly not drying by any means. At least it isn't making my skin look dry and peely. Not thick, but not watery.

Overall: This would be great for those with normal to dry skin who just want some skin tone evening and light coverage. I will not buy this because as I've said I do need more coverage for my scars.

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  1. That bb cream looks really cute! Does it prevent skin breakouts too?