Saturday, March 10, 2012

Review: Etude House Good-bye Trouble BB Magic Cream Spf 30

This is another BB cream from Etude House. I like the BB Magic Balm so I figured I'd try the cream and see if it did me any good. Originally I was wondering what the difference was between this one in the blue container and the ones in the purple. I decided on this one because it has a little bit of sun protection (spf 30).

Since it's marketed as Moisturizing Blemish Balm Cream with Sun Protection, I thought it might work for my dry skin.

I purchased the 35ml which is kind of small compared to the others, but big enough to get good use. I would even say it's good for travel (psttt, it's less than 2 oz). It has a nice pump for those of you concerned about hygiene issues- and this one allows you to control how much you pump, unlike some others which bestow you with a surprising amount upon attempting to pump gently.

I slathered the product on. The skin tone differences are not due to the product, it is due to lighting differences.

Color: I'm very pleased, it seems about right for my skin (neutral colored). Remember, BB creams are supposed to be able to kind of blend into your skin so there is leeway. It can probably go from fair to medium.

Coverage: SHEER. This is by far the lightest BB cream that I've tried. It barely covers my blemishes. It is a very lightweight BB cream good for summer/hot weather when makeup melts off anyways or those of you with pretty good skin (no need to hide, we'll try to not come after you with pitchforks). BB creams are being marketed as tinted moisturizers in America now, and I feel like this is the closest to that concept.

It would work well for those who just want skin tones evened out a bit without looking like you have makeup on.

Texture: Lightweight, doesn't dry out my skin at all. Not sure if it's moisturizing but I'm not seeing any adverse effects, lol.

Overall: A lightweight BB with light coverage good for evening out skin tones. Recommended for those going after an "I'm not wearing any makeup" look. No strong scents, non drying. I can't really attest to it's "Good-bye Trouble" abilities- maybe another one of you can. Color is such that I think it would work with a generous range of skin tones and not look strange. I'm sure you've noticed by now but I need something that can actually minimize the appearance of blemishes and scars. This product doesn't fit my needs. =/ Which leaves me with the question "What do I do with this bottle that I have?"

If you think this may be the product you are after, EMAIL ME at This is a great size to test it out without feeling like you'll be chained to it for eternity. $10 SHIPPED in the US.

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