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First Birchbox!: March 2012

Got majorly kicked in the butt by karma. So before I signed up for Birchbox, I was randomly thinking that if I were the owners I would use left over samples from previous months and compile them into a basket for newcomers. -___-. WELL, I was excited for this month's Birchbox because it looked as if there might be some interesting samples. They had 23 boxes, one of which was unappealing since it contained the past samples. Guess which I got? yup. NOT COOL BIRCHBOX! It just so happens the previous months were the ones with the not so awesome boxes >.>

I was trying to figure out which box I got ahead of time (I'm a peeker). Finally figured out that it's the pictured box under the "Box" tab. Wasn't too happy and was thinking it might influence my feelings after getting the actual box.

Got the box, and wasn't too excited =/. Well I was excited when I got it (REALLY like presents), but not so excited after opening. To the point of delaying this review. Reading everyone else complain, I thought, "Sheesh, you like some things you won't, stop being so negative." But... it is disappointing, lol.

Apparently there was an option to pick the Teen Vogue box instead? I don't remember seeing that option, would've chose it instead since I'm more of a makeup junkie than skin, fragrance, hair girl =/. Really have to wonder if I was the only one to get this particular box =/

Reading online, I was also frustrated seeing people signing up for multiple Birchboxes when clearly there is a line for people who don't even have one. Hopefully they have it set so that those that are not even subscribed to one can have a slight priority- if there is a way to check, like by address or something =/.

Comes in a bright pink cardboard box that unfolds. Says "", which... yea some nosy people in my house. Inside is another box. It isn't as thick as the Sample Society box's paper, but cute logo stamp. Figured out why my SS box has a slight scratch- I use scissors to slice open the tape and accidentally nicked it.

I really like the small package inside, it's like a present in a present o_O

What I Got:

  1. Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser-  "The impressive gel formula is made with an organic juice base of sweet cherry, lemon, and aloe, which are all rich in healing nutrients and antioxidants. Coconut and sugar extracts remove blemish-causing gunk and oil while respecting your skin’s moisture barrier. Finally, an alphabet’s worth of vitamins—including A, B, C, and E—brighten and even out skin tone."


      • Wasn't super thrilled with this at first, mostly because I read the "Juice Beauty uses Salicylic Acid.." and "Instead of ...Benzyl Peroxide..." part. Salicylic Acid doesn't work on me. Benzyl Peroxide does. But then I realized that this product doesn't contain either ingredient.
      • Decided to try anyways. It smells nice =D. You can really smell the cherry and lemon, pleasant.
      • Brownish in color, runny.
      • Lathers gently (I was surprised, didn't think it would lather because it was so runny).
      • Gentle- skin didn't feel dry, and was soft after.
      • Most importantly, it did make my huge pimples shrink a bit and they hurt less after washing O_O. I couldn't believe it. I was healing nicely, but life stress made me break out all over again. They weren't shrunk much, but a little, and less pain =D. Maybe the aloe is doing something?
      • Wasn't too keen to try it at first, but after trying it, it's not bad o_o. =/ But... it's still not nice enough to make me personally buy it. Maybe when I run out of everything else?
      • *EDIT* I'm having a major breakout, and although this doesn't quite solve the problem, it does make it feel sooo much better. I would say this product is for immediate pain relief- it also shrinks the problem a bit. Throughout the course of the next day the pain does return, but I think even the temporary shrinking effect this product has does seem to keep the problem from getting worse and possibly speed up the healing process a bit. I wouldn't mind having this product around. Again, another product I'd never try without these boxes. Thank you Birchbox!
      • Full size 6.75 fl oz -$22, sample is 0.5 fl oz worth $1.63.

     2.   Eye Rock Designer Liner- The stick-on adhesives are super easy to apply and help you create an array of eye-catching looks. Unlike traditional liners, they won’t smudge or fade.

      • -___- REALLY?!?! REALLY?!?!?
      • When I first saw this I thought, "It looks like a sticker". Then I thought, well maybe it's not really. Like it's very thin or something, it has to be right? Then I read people saying how it's literally a sticker. Let me tell you, it's literally a sticker. Looks like  kind of a felt-like finish.
      • Once you put the sticker on the black looks more solid.
      • Did it all in one go since I'll not be wearing this out and was curious to see how thick liner looks on me- most people say asians should draw thicker liners. I can just imagine wearing this to a party and people asking me, "Are you wearing double eye-lid tape?!" As a matter of fact, they should market it as such. A double eyelid tape with liner predone. 
      • Feels like a sticker on your eyelid- not comfortable. 
      • You're supposed to cut it from the inner corner, but the inner corner never stays down. Try to not touch the inner eye corner area while applying. False lashes might come up on the ends if you don't apply with enough glue, but at least they look good!
      • These look better with my eyes closed. Not impressed. If you tried to give these to me I wouldn't take them.
      • Instead, whoever did this should've made a temporary tattoo.
      • Possibly the most offensive part is that it just simply doesn't conform to my eye shape. Why would you give an asian person an inflexible eye product?! The Violent Lips would've been so much more fun to try imo =/
      • I have to pretend like this was an extra freebie to make myself feel better about this box.
      • Full size 2 pks $13. 1 pk worth $6.50.

           3.  Annick Goutal Eau d'Hadrien-a symphony of glistening, refreshing citrus notes
            orchestrated through the Sicilian lemon.
 "Winning combo of lemon, grapefruit, and
               green mandarin notes".

      • =/ Definitely smell the citrus. Remember what I said about citrus scents in my Sample Society post? Not a fan of this scent. 
      • Liked the little wand inside I could use to apply the scent
      • It's ok that I didn't get a larger size, wouldn't use it
      • Fragrance is not as heavy as the Oscar de La Renta. Does not have lasting power. I could sense the scent fading after a minute. Not a very complex scent.
      • Would not buy. I'll just peel one of my sour oranges and rub the skin on my skin for this scent =/
      • Full Size 50ml $85.00, sample size 1.75ml worth $2.98.
          4.  Orofluido Beauty Elixer-This serum relies on a triple-treat of standout oils:
            argan oil strengthens strands; linseed oil smoothes cuticles to leave hair
           shiny; and Cyperus oil fortifies and boosts manageability.
           and lightweight, this oil works on damp or dry strands. Take three to four
          drops between the palms of your hands and distribute evenly through damp
          hair. Style as usual. You can also work a couple drops through dry ends or
          use a tiny amount to calm flyaways.

      • This is one I was not originally happy about. I don't want to stick oil in my hair. BUT...
      • The design is pretty.
      • Smells like vanilla. A lot of people like the scent, personally not a fan =/.
      • Used about a dime size amount to run through hair in an effort to tame frizzy hair. Works to an extent.
      • Absorbed fast, hair is shiny, not greasy. Hair is soft and touchable.
      • Probably will not buy, the scent would eventually annoy me. >.>
      • Full size 3.4 oz $29.99, sample size .17 fl oz worth $1.50.
          5. Deborah Lippmann The Stripper to GoEach packet contain a “mitt” that
            has been soaked with The Stripper, a gentle but effective polish remover.
           The lavender formula has a soothing scent, plus aloe to moisturize nails
           and cuticles.

      • Whyyyy... I rarely use nail polish right now. Plus not a fan of lavendar.
      • I'll have to review these when I do get nail polish on. See, if they had given me the Color Club mini nailpolish, then I could knock out two reivews...
      • I have heard people love these and go to buy the full size. Personally I do fine with a cotton ball and nail polish remover.
      • EDIT: LIKE the product, check out the review HERE
      • Full size 6 mitts $12, sample size 2 mitts worth $4.

          6. Hollywood Fashion Secrets Hollywood Fashion TapeThese easy-to-use
           double-sided tape strips can be applied wherever a little extra wardrobe
          help is needed. Made with hypoallergenic, residue-free ingredients, they’re
          safe for both sensitive skin and delicate fabric.

      • Something that can always be used I guess. Not going to review this until I get the chance to try it out- could be a while.
      • Full Size $8.99/36 = $.25 + $7.99/18 = $.44 + $4.99/25 = $.20 + $9.99/30 = $.33 , 4 piece worth $1.22.
Overall:Total Box Value= $17.83
  • VALUE: it's ok. $17.61/$10 = 1.76  vs SS $54.98/$16 = 4.54. Looks like I get the biggest bang for my buck from Sample Society. Still, the Birchbox is technically worth more than what I paid, so not tooooo upset.
  • APPEARANCE: Eye catching, to the point where even males in the house are attracted to see what's inside. I left the house with the lid tightly on- one pro of the Birchbox box is that the lid fits snuggly and will not lift up. When I got home, the lid was only just placed on top of the box -___-. People think I don't know when they go through my things, but I do. Love the little extra package inside.
  • ITEMS: So-so really Birchbox should consider at least distributing boxes as such. 4 categories for samples: Highly coveted (includes full sized), Medium intensity, Lower Intensity, and Cheapies.
    • 1 Highly Coveted + 1-2 Medium Intensity +1 Lower Intensity + Cheapies for the rest.
    • 3-4 Medium Intensity + 1 Lower Intensity + Cheapies for the rest.
    • All Medium Intensity
      • I see my current box breakdown as: Juice Beauty (Medium Intensity), Eye Rock (Cheapie), Annick Goutal (Lower Intensity), Orofluido (Medium Intensity), Deborah Lippmann Mitts (Lower Intensity/Cheapie), Hollywood Fashion Tape (Cheapie) = 2 Medium Intensity + 2 Lower Intensity + 2 Cheapies. Total I got 5 samples and a Lifestyle Extra though.
  • FAVORITES: Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser & Orofluido Hair Oil.
  • Like the concept and that it's only $10/month. Dislike some of the samples, got surprised in a good way by a couple. I guess that's what this experience is supposed to be about
  • Based on this box alone, I cannot highly recommend it yet. I'll have to wait until my NEXT box.

Try your hardest not to disappoint bloggers. When other people are disappointed, they just voice it to 50 of their friends. When bloggers are disappointed, they post and announce it to the world. This box wasn't a complete disappointment, but if you set it out for $5, I still would not pick it up. If you put it out for free I might. maybe...

I set my beauty profile to include most things figuring they'd send me the good stuff, but it seems it backfired and they just stuck in whatever =/. But the profile does reflect me, I like to try different styles.

Thinking of joining? Go ahead and enter your email address on their website HERE. There's a waitlist, so by the time you get in, I'll probably have my second box for you to see, and hopefully it'll be more convincing for you to decide to subscribe, haha.

One thing that I LOVE about Birchbox is their whole rewards system. You get points for referrals, but ALSO for reviewing items and signing up for subscription. This is nice because even if no one uses you as a referral, you can still accumulate points by yourself and earn discounts. 

For every 100 pts you earn, it's $10 off. You can earn 100 pts through reviews after about 2 months of box feedbacks. That's like $5 off/ month. They probably use $3 for packaging and shipping, which leaves them about $2. I highly doubt they pay for the samples, the companies probably provide them free in the hopes that you will buy the full sized and they can profit there.

And I just got a coupon in my mailbox to celebrate their Anniversary. People always say how Birchbox's customer service is good.

Birchbox is also really great as a gift. I got the 3 month subscription for a friend. The cute packaging really makes it something special.

When you sign up, please use my Referral LINK to help me get points =D.

Got a subscription box? What do you think? Is it worth it? What kind of good things have you found in your boxes?

'Til next time!

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