Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I finally decided to try out these Korean face masks that have been building up.

Remember the Olive Mask that I had randomly gotten a while back? Well, I attempted to try it. Pic is tiny because it's a screenshot of me on webchat with a friend. She laughed so hard and had to resist taking a screenshot of me. This mask was first off, very flimsy, huge, and way too many slits. They cut what seems like 15 slits I guess for a "one size fits all" effect, but it ended up one size fits none. The mask could not stay adhered to my face and kept coming loose. Another weird thing is that the eye cutouts had flaps on the bottom of the eyes (looks like undereye bags on the mask -__-)??? Is it to cover upwards?! It kept falling off and I was unable to assess its properties.

The Etude House Collagen Face Mask-

The mask comes with a lot of juice! I left it on for 20 minutes. Very slimy/ sticky after I took it off my face. Liked how it fit sooo much better than the one above. Usually I like the "smooth" feel after a mask. This one was sticky... not sure if it helped my wrinkles any in the long run. Not likely to purchase.

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