Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring: No.7 Mocha Pink

Finally tried the Etude House hair dye!

They include a cape too. Although, it's really basic -___-. I just tied the two corners together.

First time using both a liquid dye and peroxide (35%).

The pump is actually really nice. If you can see the picture in the back, the hole is for you to put the pump through. Maybe I'm just dumb, but it doesn't fit and I don't know how to use it.

Didn't see that they had instructions in English too, until I finished. That's really cool actually.

I really like this formula. It bubbles a lot and is very plush. It doesn't burn or have any bad smells. Easy to apply, and didn't drip everywhere. You have to make sure to clean off excess dye though. It started staining after 10 minutes. It's my cleanest dye application yet! But then things started getting weird.

The bubbles started turning a really dark color, and the box color was scaring me. I started thinking that I might have the wrong color by accident, but the color on the box is slightly pink...

When I washed my hair, it felt so damaged I didn't dare to mess with it much. I put in all of the treatment and it was like magic. My hair came to life again. I gently combed through, and when I rinsed, clumps of hair came out and clogged the drain. Ah, the pain of beauty.

Then my worse fears were confirmed. Not only does the shade not match the box, but it actually darkened my hair to black! Well, the roots were lightened a little, but the ends became so dark.

Hair before: roots and ends are clearly not the same color

Hair after: Much Much darker. I suppose I should be thankful roots and ends are basically the same color now -__-

What scares me most is that this was such a light color on the box. If it turns out this dark, what is the much darker Wine Red going to look like?! Even if you say that hair is darkest when first dyeing, it shouldn't be this extreme. I will have to try and shampoo out as much as possible.

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