Thursday, May 10, 2012

BB Cream Battle: Dr. Jart+ vs Hanskin

Dr. Jart+ and Hanskin are both big brands for BB cream, so of course I have to sample them.

Overall, Hanskin is more runny than Dr. Jart+. Dr. Jart+, while thick, has much less drying texture than BRTC.

Dr. Jart+

1. Black Label- Looks like the fullest coverage of all 4. Covers 4/5 of scars
2. Water Fuse- Goes on feeling like water, very thin coverage. Good for evening skin tones.
3. Silver Label- Good coverage as well. Little bit less than 4/5 of scars.


4. Super Light Touch BB- Looks like the most even color finish. It may be related to the color, but this one really shows up the flaky parts of my skin.
5. Mineral Magic BB- This is akin to Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse. Very thin coverage, good for evening out skin. Non drying.

My favorite of these is probably Dr.Jart+ Silver label?...It's a close call.

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