Thursday, December 10, 2009

Archetype Cosmetics Part II

This is the picture of the sifter that I had meant to upload as well. It's got a sticker over it (with a tab) to keep the shadow from falling out all over the place. Incidentally, this color is Angel of Indulgence.

I slept with my contacts in all night and wore them around all day again today. You can see the red around the contacts. They're so much redder in real life. The contact that I'm wearing are Freshlook Colors Hazel. I don't know if it's the pair or something, but they're less comfortable than my Violets. This not very natural at all. It's pretty much what you see here except maybe even more orange toned (warmer toned).

Under, I actually took some pics using Once Upon a Time, because I plan on giving it away tomorrow and wanted at least a couple bad quality pics (over no pics). I realize that it's actually pink glitter on black. In the pictures I've used water to try and get the color to show. Without a base though, THESE SHADOWS WILL HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO STAYING POWER. Absolutely none. The more you brush, the more it disappears until there's nothing left. Yes I do know that one eye has more on than the other and the makeup is sloppy, but I just wanted to illustrate the general concept of what it will look like. Maybe I'll do a real look post sometime after I get my hands on a camera.

The color below is Salmagundi if I'm not mistaken. In my previous post I said it was a light grey purple. That's not completely true, as you can see, it has green interference that actually shows itself quite well. Although in real life, it's not quite as green as in the picture.

The color of the shadow and contacts totally clash, I know. I'm just too lazy to take out my contacts. I shall pick up my Pureluxe and Fyrinnae tomorrow morning.

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