Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Pictures for Archetype, Fyrrinae, and Pure Luxe Cosmetics

I've finally gotten my hands on a better camera. To read some of my review comments go back to my previous post.

Be sure to ENLARGE THE PICS BY CLICKING on them. The details are sometimes worth looking at.

ENLARGE THE PICS BY CLICKING! seriously, you see so much more. And it'd be waste of a good pic if you don't.

First, from Fyrinnae the Lollipop Pop Lip Lustre that smells like little girl's fake makeup. On the bottom is what it looks like when I wiped it off.

I've put together a comparison of the colors. My approach this time is to compare colors from all the brands.

First I just want to list my absolute favorites that I would consider repurchasing. Of course I have to consider if it looks good on me too.
Archetype: Unwrap Me, Angel of Indulgence,
Pure Luxe: Indigo, Magic, Russet, Vogue, Galaxy
Fyrinnae: Fyre&Ice, Nori,

One that I like but won't buy a full size of is Ouch. There's just not much occassion to use that. I also ADORE Archetype's Plastic Pink but it doesn't go well with the skin.

Left to Right
Top row: Archetype Plastic Pink, Integra's Dog II, Red Death
Middle: Pure Luxe Ouch, OMG, and Rave
Bottom: Archetype Frost on the Pumpkin, Pure Luxe Visions

All of the Archetype: Top to bottom, left to Right
Salamungdi, Datura, Conjunction, Papaver Somnifer, Sly
Plastic Pink, Integra's Dog II, Empty Promise (not Archetype; She Space?)
Obsidian Butterfly, Twilight Aeval, Raven's Feather, Ghost Dance, Midnight Aeval

Top: Archetype Obsidian Butterfly, Twilight Aeval, Ghost Dance, Raven's Feather, Midnight Aeval
Bottom: Pure Luxe

Below: Pure Luxe Indigo, Fyrinnae Nori, Fyrinnae Necromatic, Fyrinnae Archmage Mystic

Top: Archetype
Middle: Fyrinnae Nori, Pure Luxe Vogue(?), Pure Luxe Utopia (?), Fyrinnae Sennyo
Bottom: Visions, Russet(?)

The order of these swatches and the jars below are the same.

Top: Pure Luxe Russet, Utopia, Vogue, Fyrinnae Sennyo, Pure Luxe Ouch, OMG, Rave
Middle: Fyrinnae Fyre & Ice, Nori, Pure Luxe Indigo, Fyrinnae Necromatic, Archmage Mystic
Bottom: Pure Luxe Regal, Forest, Archetype Angel of Indulgence, Pure Luxe Pandora, Galaxy

One thing that I want to make note of is that I didn't use ANY base on these. The middle row, of darker colors especially, the black base took 3-4 days to come off! my arm had spots on it for a while. BUT for the glitters and the lighter colors to stay you HAVE TO use some kind of base or before you know it you will blink it away.

Top: Pure Luxe Turquoise Hi-Lite, Violet Hi-Lite, Buff powder foundation, powder eraser, original eraser
Bottom: Illusion, Prismatic, High Society Glitter, Magic Glitter, Mai Tai glitter

Not sure if you can really see, but the eraser does make the fine lines on my hand go away. You can see how the foundation might not quite be my color.

Since I thought these might not show up as well normally, I decided to try them out with the Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy sample. turns out they both show up about the same with or without it. The only thing is that you can see how when I tried to smudge it, the right side without the epoxy smudged more.

The copper toned is Pure Luxe's Visions. It was like liquid metal. The color is absolutely gorgeous. You can see how it turns from dark red, to orange to yellow.

The pink on top is Violet Hi-Lite, then Turquoise is after that. Next I have Prismatic, and Illusions.

Top: Fyrinnae Fool's Gold, Lights of Tel Aviv, Lights of Tokyo
Bottom: Archetype Unwrap Me, Frost on the Pumpkin

These, I have to note, showed up SO MUCH BETTER because I applied them on top of the Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy. If you look at the old pictures, you'll see that the Lights of Tel Aviv and Lights of Tokyo glitters especially were practically non existant.

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