Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fyrinnae Haul

First a sample of Datura that I wore out yesterday. It's a light sheer color.

This is a picture of the eraser and the pore putty that I said it resembled. I have a dab on my finger.

The Fyrinnae package. Inside the cardboard tube is the black plastic bag with the tiger stripes tissue paper.
First, I have this atrocious lip thing to show you. It's the lip Lustre in Lollipop- Pop flavor. The color is a pasty fake looking pink with blue interference. The picture looks ok, but irl, it looks completely like cheap 5 year old girl makeup. They say it's Lychee flavor, but as someone who's eaten hundreds of lychee in her lifetime, I can tell you this smells nothing like it! It just mostly smells like cheap gross lip stuff with a hint of lollipop/ cotton candy flavor. I'm so glad I only bought the mini because I'm about to trash this thing. The tube color is a tidge darker than the website picture.

I bought the full of the Nori and Fyre & Ice. Nori is the one that's more blue and Fyre & Ice is more purple. I noticed that the Arcane Magic Mystic and the Necromatic are VERY similar in color so I tried to show the differences. I wanted to note that I labeled them wrong in the picture! >.< Arcane Magic Mystic is the green tinged one, and Necromatic is the blue tinged one, sorry !!! For the full jars, there's sooo much packed in that when you open the jars, shadow spills out everywhere and it's really messy. part of me likes having so much product, and the other part wishes that there was a sifter on the jars like Archetype Cosmetic's just so it doesn't get everywhere. They also included a small sample of the Pixie Epoxy, but I haven't tried it yet. From the left: Sennyo, Necromatic, Arcane Magic Mystic, the empty looking spot is a very sheer Lights of Tel Aviv City Glam Glitter, Nori, Fyre & Ice, Fools Gold, and the very very slight white blue on the end is City Glam Glitter's Lights of Tokyo.

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