Friday, December 18, 2009

Getting Robbed: Round II

You might've seen my Getting Robbed post. Well here's round 2. What do I mean by that? I mean that my house got broken into AGAIN!! FML FML FML FML! Seriously.

6 months 1 day after our house got broken into for the first time in 8 years that we've lived there, our house gets broken into again. I've decided that we should put a sign up "Nothing to steal here, move along". WE HAVE NOTHING. I don't even know why these burglars think that there's anything worth taking from my house. What? You think insurance must've replaced everything by now, is that right? Well lemme tell you something. Everything we have is from 20 years ago. The first burglar cleaned everything of value that we've ever had and pawned it all off. We are literally dirt poor, we own no jewelry of value (sure I make stuff, but I sell it for $3, how much are you gonna sell it for?)

This time, it was a more professionally thorough job. They took the extra step to break our motion sensor, cut our phone line (OOOH yea, another tip for you amateurs) and wear ski masks. What they didn't expect was to find my mom under the covers that they ripped off the bed. She had just been through surgery so she was really tired and didn't hear when they busted down the door (yes, I mean busted, since the last intrusion, we installed deadbolts but that doesn't really help when they can just knock the door down with their body weight). Of course they demanded money from her and she burst into tears (You heartless thieving Bast***s). Then there was some walkie talkie action going on (there was another one outside, what a surprise!) and after some communication they decided to leave. What surprised me is that they left the pillowcases that they had started stuffing with items- like a wallet and watch.

Here's a word of warning for those of you who think it won't happen to you. There's been a heck of a lot of robberies this year. 80 in Parsippany NJ alone all within a few months. Police suspect that targets are Asians- Orientals and Indians- because according to profiles, we're supposed to like to hide all our valuables in our house. WELL HERE'S SOME NEWS FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DON'T KNOW YET: Not all of us have anything of value to hide!

Well from a more local approach, seeing as how my neighbors don't get their houses broken into, we suspect it's cuz our house is all dark (the stupid sidewalk lights keep breaking) and we don't have a dog to make noise (everybody on our street has a dog, except for us).

I just really wish these petty things would stop happening. Go make an honest living like the rest of us! You think my parents live where they do because they're rich and get paid a lot? Get real, my parents can barely afford the house (we're in debt now thanks to college tuition) and my dad works 11-15 hours a day in a high stress environment job. Seriously this pisses me off! You think life is easy for the rest of us?! It's mad hard, so hard that I want to pull out my hair take a metal bat and start destroying things. Hope you're proud of yourselves, hope your consciences get to you one day soon.

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