Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Archetype Cosmetics

Yes this is what the package looked like when it arrived. After oogling the pictures on the Archetype Cosmetics website for at least a year, I finally decided to order. I placed my order on November 25th and received it yesterday, December 7th. I've been so busy that I didn't even notice the amount of time it took to arrive.

While people usually complain that it takes a long time for their order to arrive, my order took 12 days to arrive. While that's not a stellar time period, I think you'll agree with me that it's a pretty decent time frame. I was actually expecting it to be my Pure Luxe order since according to the tracking it's already arrived in my town. Too bad, from the poking that I've done online, apparently some people get extra samples just for their order to be late, mine was in no rush.

I've taken pictures of all the eyeshadows, unfortunatly I had to use my phone camera, so the pictures are..you guessed it, blurry and not exactly spot on for the color. Still, it's better than nothing, and can give another view on what the colors look like. I might take better pictures later when I have access to a camera.

As far as texture goes, I haven't exactly tried it on my eyes (they don't give a whole lot) but some shadows are coarser than others. It's not the same melt on texture that I got from the shadow sample from the She Space (is that what it was?).

I've given a quick overview of the colors. Instead of telling you all the different colored sparkles, I've chosen to give what the color overall looks like. To be honest, when you apply it, people aren't going to see the little bits of interference, so my aim is just to show what they would see. Sometimes on the swatches they'll show you all these colors and glitters that never actually really show up.


The bag that the shadows were contained in, kind of cute.

15 samples, 3 small jars = $16. They're a bit tinier than I imagined. The bags are 2" x2" and the jars are about 1" in diameter.

Left to right:
1st row: Plastic Pink, Integra's Dog II, Red Death, Once Upon a Time, Dirty Blonde
2nd row: Conjunction, Datura, Sly, Papaver Somniferum, Salmagundi
3rd row: Obsidian Butterfly, Twilight Aeval, Ghost Dance, Raven's Feather, Midnight Aeval

I've taken a picture of all of them with the picture from the site so you can compare colors.

The jars from left to right, Angel of Indulgence, Frost on the Pumpkin, Unwrap Me. I also have a picture of a jar compared with the L'oreal HIP jar to compare sizes.

Left to right: The top row are with a NYX jumbo eye pencil as a base, you'll notice that without the base the color doesn't show as well. The middle row is dry, and the bottom is with water. I noticed that with these, the water brings out more of the sparkle, and the base I used brings out a darker tone of color.

Plastic Pink screams Barbie, there's no other way to put it. I like the color best when applied with water because they sparkles just glisten in a beautiful way.

Integra's Dog II, I thought would be brighter, it looks like paint in the bag, but when you put it on, it's a darker red.

Red Death when applied with water actually has a purple sheen to it. It's very similar to Once Upon a Time, but purpleish. I like it better than Once Upon a time which I really don't have much liking for.

Dirty Blonde pretty much looks like the picture on the site. It goes on a lighter pale gold.

Conjunction has the same bright intensity as Plastic Pink

Datura is a lighter version of conjunction and more blue

Sly is pretty much the same as the site swatch
The middle brightest purple is Conjunction and the one next to the right is Datura, then Sly.
After Sly is is Papaver Somniferum a darker greyish purple
Salmagundi (The next one) is a lighter version of Papaver Somniferum

The first is Obsidian Butterfly

The second Twilight Aeval.

Ghost dance has a slight purple sheen from an angle.

Raven's Feather and Midnight Aeval are next. I was going to get the small of the

Midnight Aeval, but was afraid it would turn out near black like Deep Sunless Sea, so I only got a sample. Turns out it's just a dark teal.

The last three are Angel of Indulgence, which turned out more lime green than I imagined.

Frost on the Pumpkin was very upsetting. From the swatch I expected more pink, but instead it just looks orange. It could've been the other pumpkin cat or whatever one for all I know.

Unwrap Me I was happy about. It was just like it's description, black with red sparkles.

I like how the jars also have a sticker over the sifter to keep the shadow from getting everywhere. I have a picture around but am at the moment pressed for time, so I'll upload it another day.

Once I get in my Pureluxe and Fyrinnae stuff, I'll also post pics and a brief review of those. Maybe I'll even do a comparison post if I find something to compare or contrast.

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