Friday, December 11, 2009

Pureluxe Cosmetics

When I opened the package, my first thought was, "Did I buy this many?!" But then again, it's $36 worth. Incidentally I want to mention. I bought all this during their Pre-Black Friday sale thing. Has anyone else noticed that they make you add in a $.02 coupon? So when I got my refund, they just refunded back 30% of what I paid, without subtracting the cost of the coupon first. I ended up receiving $0.01 less than I should've for my refund. While that doesn't sound like a lot, imagine, they take 1 cent from everybody, if there are a lot of orders, you can end up making some side money. Well, I guess the general thought is that the discount is bigger, but I just thought it was a little shady.

The colors from left to right:
Top row:
The original powder eraser: This stuff, I just tried a little, but it does really seem to smooth out the appearances of pores and such, it's really like someone photoshopped my face.

Eraser: This stuff, suspiciously like my Sana pore putty. As a matter of fact, I think it may very well be the same stuff, just this stuff is colored. I'll up a pic later.

Foundation in Buff: I think this may be too dark for my skin in powder form

Turquois Aura: This isn't very Turquoise at all, just looks like the interference sheen in shadows
Purple Aura: This is more pink-ish purple
Prismatic, Illusion, Vision: i was kind of upset with these as the color change isn't really that obvious
High Society: a ripoff, it's basically green glitter. I bought it thinking the glitters were different sized chunks, but no, it's just green glitter.
Mai Tai: I wished this was more's like a neon coral glitter
Magic: This was the only glitter I liked, it has a purple look, but can also be blue.
Rave: WOW. This is not how it looks on the site, it's much brighter in real life, looks like a pink highlighter. I tried to ask and see if this was indeed eye safe since so many of these neon colors aren't, but I never got an answer. A lot of places make these neon pigments for decoration of other places. The FDA hasn't listed some of the ingredients often found in these pigments as eye safe. Better safe than sorry...
Ouch: A cool pink that matches the Orly Gorgeous nailpolish in the background of some pics. I'll review those polishes later.
Indigo: A very beautiful color
OMG: red
Utopia: Kind of purple
Forest: Just a green
Regal: like Forest, but with a tidge more blue
Pandora: A green on the yellow side
Galaxy: Kind of like a gray blue green

This time I switched it, the top row of the color is with water, the middle dry, and the bottom with a NYX jumbo pencil as a base.

The three glitters are in the right corner High Society (green), Mai Tai (orange), Magic (blue)

From left to right:
Glalaxy, Pandora, Regal, Forest, Vogue, Utopia, Russet, OMG, Archetype Cosmetic's Integra's Dog II. I thought that the Integra's Dog II and OMG were very close and when I swatched them, I found that Integra's Dog II is a bit darker.

On some of the pictures, at the top you can see where I swatched the foundation (with water is lighter on top, just powder darker on on the bottom), to the right of that is the purple aura, and then the turquoise aura.

Again, I haven't tried these shadows out in real life, so I haven't made a decision on the comfort/ quality yet.

I would post the Fyrinnae right now, but it's late so I'll do it tomorrow.

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