Sunday, July 25, 2010

First Look at Cupcake Books 3: Cakes to Celebrate Love and Life

I wanted to do a mascara review since I just got my two new mascaras in and was able to try them on. They're both Kanebo Kate and I'm really excited to tell you about them, but hold on, I still want to try them on a little bit longer and take more photos so that I can have a more complete review. They're the Dollish and Frame Impact waterproof mascaras. If I can find my Blinc mascara as well, then I'll do a comparison of all three! To be honest, I'm more excited about reviewing these than the Banila Co blushes.

But for now, my copy of Cakes to Celebrate Love and Life came in!
Is this not the best cover ever?! The book is hardback. I was expecting the old ppl looking light pink cover, but instead it came in this bright eyepopping magenta pink, and I love it. It gives off such a hip feeling.

The reviews are true, the butter is listed in grams only. other ingredients also have the cup equivalent, so I guess that's kind of annoying.

Half the book is filled with delicious looking treats, and the other half is filled with seemingly crazy combinations that I'm not too eagar to try. The photos and presentation of everything is absolutely gorgeous. They have both cupcakes and cake in here, and I really would like to just try making them.

Here're some photos to wet your appetite. Definitely doing the chocolate.

Don't the coconuts look beutiful? I wonder which red velvet is the best, guess I'll have to test them all

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