Monday, July 19, 2010

First Look at Cupcake Books 2: Hello, Cupcake! and 101 Gourmet Cupcakes in 10 Minutes

So, I have to disappoint everyone again. Blame my brother. He blocked my computer through the router, so unless I can find a way to transfer the picture files (you might say why don't you use a flash drive, but I can't find them) or connect to the internet directly (probably will have to do this while bro is away or sleeping), my product reviews will be on hold. Internet is becoming scarce because in an effort to rid my brother of his addiction to internet games, my mom has taken away the power cord to the modem. And so we must all suffer as well.

My plan is to when I get a chance, reset the router slap my own pw on the router login page, and have the same internet pw, so that he suspects nothing, and I get internet back (when my mom plugs the power cord in).


Hello, Cupcake!:  This is a really fun book and I completely understand why it's such a big hit. They give you instructions and pictures on how to decorate and construct everything. It's packed with a lot of information though, so I think I'll have to slowly go through it all. There are also recipes for basic cupcake instructions in the back so you can bake different flavors. It's funny because i wanted to get this book with the two others from the library at the same time, but it always seemed like one of them was out. I went back to return the other two and was really hoping that this book would be in, and it was! must be fate.

Everything they use is something that you can get your hands on at the grocery store. All the ideas are just so wonderful and out there that my head feels like exploding from happiness. I really wonder if I shouldn't just buy the book. I want to cuddle up with it, but knowing how popular of a book it is, I think about how many people have had it and how I don't know where it's been. Maybe some little kid smeared their boogers on it. you never know.

101 Gourmet Cupcakes in 10 Minutes: I have been absolutely DYING for this book. And the perfect opportunity came with Amazon's campaign to collegians. Free Amazon Prime for 1 year. Yahoo! I had been bidding my time waiting for the other book I'd been lemming for to go back down $6 again, but with free 2 day shipping there was no reason to, I just went ahead and got it.

First impressions, wow, this book is a lot tinier than the other three. I guess that's actually a good thing because it won't be too heavy and it'll be more portable. It's super cute though. True to word, everything in here seems simple enough. the instructions are 1 page for each cupcake and it's usually just blend everything together, fill cups, bake, frost.

One thing that bothered me is that I think Ms. Wendy Paul might have done better to invest in a better photographer. I could've done a better job. Remember, i'm all about the packaging, and looking at these pictures, wow the cupcakes do not look appetizing- well half of them anyways. I'm sure they must be though because I'm been prowling youtube and in the videos her cupcakes look absolutely amazing and yummy. It's ok, once I make them in a couple months, i'll take better pictures for her and do her cupcakes more justice.

I also wish we could've seen each cupcake. maybe have one page with multiple cupcakes like how betty crocker did some of hers. that way you don't use up too much ink- not as expensive- and everybody gets to see them all.

oh oops, i just saw that there's a picture of the photographer in the very back =X. Part of it might not be the photographer's fault. It looks as if the pictures are too vivid so as to wash out the details- cupcakes don't look soft and inviting anymore, they look dangerous.

Some like these look decently nice.

Others like these are really vivid.

Why are the blueberries and the strawberry blurry...?

These look slightly messy. A food stylist is needed.. Maybe they appeal to you, I dunno.

I can't see anything of use...

This ..looks like smeared chunks of smeared poo -___-

Don't get me wrong though, I still really want to try the recipes out because they sound delish.

and that's all I have for now.  See ya soon.

EDIT:  I just went back onto Amazon and saw that the other book i wanted to buy Cakes to celebrate love and life went down to $16.29. I just had to snap that up, didn't want it to increase all the way up to $23 again. wow amazon prices are funny. Then it asked whether I wanted 2 day shipping or 1, and it's funny because they both say it'll be delivered tmr. I chose 2 day, it's free. so yay~ also, amazon is dangerous. that 1 click ordering. I thought i was going to be taken to a confirmation page, but when i clicked the button that i saw there, it was like thank you for your order. I was like O.O what?! already? So yes, good thing I was sure about wanting that book. -___-;;

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  1. Thanks for reviewing my book 101 Gourmet Cupcakes. I too wish I could have done a photo of each cupcake- they are amazing for being so easy. I'd love to hear about your baking adventures when you make the recipes. Happy Baking!- Wendy Paul