Thursday, July 01, 2010

AND IT'S BACK!! Review: Clio Blushes

Hi Hi! So after a long long wait, here I have it! My review of two Clio Blushes that I got in my GMarket Haul. Last night I decided to retake pictures after viewing the old ones because I just thought they didn't do them justice at all.

There's just something about blushes in cute packaging that gives you a sense of joy when applying them. Well, it makes me feel like a pretty princess anyways.

The blushes come with the plastic protector and brushes as pictured above. The Clio brushes imo are a little bit softer than the Banila Co ones (review to come later also).

The blushes themselves both have glitter sparkles so if that's not your thing then you'll want to give these a pass. #2 is a super pigmented cool shade, you seriously won't need more than a little dab for each cheek. The #4 is a dusty rose color with the sparkles being the gold part. #4 is much less pigmented and the more you try to apply the more you'll just cover your cheeks with golden glitter. All in all, I'd have to say that #2 is my favorite of the two (like many other buyers have found), but I also still really love #4 at the same time. Even though it's not as pigmented, it gives a naturaler look and is good for the summer glow look (perfect because it's summer here right now).

Something that really surprised me was that one day I accidentally flipped them over in my hand and the whole block of blush just fell right out! I was like O.O and quite stunned. Still, it didn't bother me much because I just popped it back in and the blush was still as usable as always. ;)

These are one of my happy buys and I highly recommend them for your collection. 

Pics: I took them with flash and it's sooo hard to get the color to show, it all got washed out. I even covered my whole cheek in a thick layer of blush in an effort to get it to show the color somewhat.

#2 I glomped on. In real life I look like the sunburnt baby of a clown.
#4, has a much more natural look- hard to mess up. If you look closely you can see the sheen from the glitter. I just want to note that it is visible in real life- the color. The Banila Co. blushers on the other hand would look like this picture in real life, just a sheen and not much color.I'd say the colors of both are a lot closer to real life if you look from the bottom of your screen upwards (makes the color darker)


  1. hi!
    I followed your blog today..found ur blog through google search..=) Was searching for tony moly lip tint review.
    Aww, the clio blushes are kinda cute! and I saw the same pattern of brush for peripera too! (lol, did i get the name right? Haven't checked out g-market for a while)
    You have so many awesome make-ups that i've been wanting to try! Keep reviewing =) Would love to read.

  2. Hi ^^, thanks for following! Your comment made me realized that I tagged the tony moly post as banila co -__-. I haven't personally tried peripera (yup right name), but they're sister companies with Clio, so I'm not too surprised they have similar styles. The thing I'd most like to try from peripera are their lipsticks. I'm a sucker for cute packaging >.<.

  3. i'm a sucker for cute packaging too..aah, we're doomed! haha..XD
    I'd love to try peripera lipbalms..and some of their wonder line..the one featuring the wondergirls!