Friday, July 09, 2010

Calling All Freebie Lovers!

I'm excited to share with you my experience with Months ago, I've even forgotten when, I signed up for this program and saw that they had a current offer so I thought, "why not?" and picked out my choice of the revamped pantene line. Today, I was told, "you have a package downstairs". A package? Who from I thought? And it turned out to be from the sampler program! XD Imagine my surprise. I'd completely forgotten that I signed up for this, but here they are, my 1.7oz conditioner and shampoo samples.

Many people don't like pantene, and I personally don't buy it when given a choice, but a freebie? hey I'm not one to turn down a decent freebie.

I've yet to try them and at first I was like, "why did I pick the one for thin hair?" and then I realized, oh it was probably because I was thinking my hair is more damaged? I dunno.

They also customize it so that your name appears on the ad brochure insert. wow, lots of money to spend I guess. When I think about it, P&G makes a lot of products that we use. From chips (pringles) to detergent, to shampoo!

Something I like is that they don't spam you with emails or something like other companies do. At first I was hesitant to sign up because I thought that would happen, but I think I've only gotten 1 email or so and it was about the revamped hair care line.

One thing though, don't expect to get them anytime soon, as I said, it was so slow in coming that I forgot about it O.O.


  1. ohoho..pantene! I used to use this..long long long time ago..but my hair can't handle drugstore brands anymore U__U
    That's a pretty decent sample! I got a cellnique sample. The bottle is half the size of my thumb. =_=;

  2. Yeah, I was pretty surprised too because I was just expecting those packet samples. Half a thumb? o.O I didn't even realize they make bottles that small. I guess that would be the amount of one of those little packet samples.