Friday, July 30, 2010

Paint those Lashes!

Hehehe, so finally I am done with my comparison trial period for all three mascaras.

The above on the left eye (your left) is Blinc's Kiss Me mascara in Purple (the right side is the natural lashes). The lashes only receive the slightest purple tinge visible in light only. As you can see, there's not much volumizing or lengthening action, but it does define your lashes. The formula is thin so it gives a more natural look no matter how much you coat it it won't clump. Because the formula is so we, I find it often weighs lashes down post curling. Also the texture is crispy because of the coating tubes. For some reason, last night I went to sleep with it on by accident, and when I woke up my right eye (the left one in the picture) was slightly irritated and itchy. No idea why that would be. I'm not usually sensitive to anything or allergic. Just thought I'd note that for some of you who have super sensitive skin.

Now I've read many reviews where girls will cry about how hard this is to take off and how they lie to you. YOU ARE DUMB. I don't know why you would have such a hard time taking it off, it's really easy. Hold a scoopful of warmer than lukewarm water to your lashes for a few seconds and you should see the mascara swelling and it will just slide right off. I like to just take a shower, then I don't have to do any thing and the tubes will wash off while you are taking a shower. And look like the below pic:

Now for Kanebo Kate. I got two, the Dollish and the Frame Impact Volume one. Oops, forgot to add the pic of the Dollish wand- will do that later.

The wand of the Volume one... omg I love this. At first it's hard to get used to, since it has such a broad side, but it does exactly what the instructions say it will do. Steps are: Curl lashes, then
1. Coat lashes with broad side of wand- wand should be arch like "n". For this step I like to just pull it out instead of doing the side to side because i feel like if you do side to side it gets chunky
2. Flip the wand over so that it's now "U" (top pic of wand) shape: This helps to curl the lashes up- IT REALLY WORKS!! =D

For the dollish, the brush is like a cone, and it's good for defining. The dollish gives a more whimsical look imo.

They both lengthen and volumize, the dollish has the lashes bending here and there while the volume one is more going out straight (see pics)
For these pics, I DIDN'T use a lash curler. Primarily because I can't find my lash curler, which is why I really really really love the Volume one because it curls your lashes up for you . You can see the Dollish doesn't do such a nice job with the lifting.

I'm sorry about the messy applications - haven't used mascara in 2 years..yea.


At first I was like omg, perfect mascara, it's waterproof, sweatproof, smudgeproof, flakeproof, buuuutt.... I tested it out for longer and it actually does flake- after you leave it on for maybe >10 hrs it will start to just a tiny bit, a flake here and there. It's mostly due to it's less stiff formula (than Blinc) so it comes off in chunks more- even when you're washing it off it's more broken up than the Blinc. This might not be the one for those who are rubbing their eyes constantly either. BUT I'm ok with it because lashes are more touchable than the Blinc and if I'm going to go out again for the night then I'll just wash it off and reapply- problem solved! I just hope it doesn't become like the Fiberwig and flake sooner as it dries. I really can't stand flaking like that.

EDIT: apparently it smudges the intsy-ist bit on me. put the dollish on my lower lashes and all the oil made a little smudge. 'twas fine on just my top ones though.

The removal process is the same as Blinc- wash off with warmer than lukewarm water (soak for a few seconds) again I like the shower. No work necessary.

You may be wondering well how is it waterproof if it comes off with water? well, read carefully, I said warmer than lukewarm (40 deg C is what they say) so if it's cold rain then you're fine. And usually they require slight pressure to come off. I suppose if you cry really hot tears and the lashes are submerged and pressed together then they might come off....human body temp is 37 deg so that'd have to be really hot tears.

Again I've read forums where girls cry about how hard these are to get off. ^ DUH you morons, read the instructions!

All three of these are Kanebo Kate Frame Impact Volume after ~11hrs. And I napped really long on the eye that's flaked. See the curl though? My lashes aren't even the type to stick straight out, they stick straight down, so I can assure you this is a big change.

Hmm...maybe i"ll try the dollish today to switch things up a bit

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