Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finally! Review of Banila Co Blushes

I know I said that I would do mascaras before, but I already have pictures of the blushes on my computer so I figured this would be easier.

I got the Love Letter blush and the one called Delight from Banila Co's Tokyo Scandal line.

Love letter is on the left and Delight is on the right with their respective swatches. The two on the bottom are the Clio Blushes that I reviewed earlier. I wanted to put them all together so you can get an idea of their color and pigmentation.

In case you're wondering why my Love Letter blush looks like that, it's because it came broken! all except for that center piece was completely powdered. I had to email Gmarket about it. They said they gave me a full refund, but I forgot to check.

The Delight has the super cute artwork from the line and it also has the plastic protector that the Clio blushes have (I forget if the Love Letter had one, but I'm thinking no). The underside of the lid for Delight is also a mirror.

Both blushes come with brushes. I've compared the Banila Co brushes with the Clio ones.The banila co ones are thinner and therefore feel a bit softer when applying the blushes. 

I must come right out and say it, I don't like these very much. They're ok, and I'll still use them, but really these come out more as highlighters. Your face will be shiny. This is extremely disappointing to me because I've been looking forward to these ever since I saw a few other people blogging about it and I really wanted to like these. I guess their faces must be really white or something because you can see the color fine for them.

Love letter, as I've said previously, looks good with the Annie Lipstick from Banila's Tokyo Scandal line. I pair them up often. Delight is a cooler pink with cream mixed in.

The texture of both is smooth and not bad, but I really was hoping for a little more in the pigmentation dept. Delight I will still love for the packaging, the top screws on! and Love Letter I don't mind using since it is a bit more pigmented, but just as a heads up for you people looking to buy.

Pics: again I had to smother my face with blush for it to show up with the flash. I thought flash might help to show the color more accurately so that it's not all tinged yellow or changing colors from lighting. Normally you would only want maybe half on your face- or else it'll look like you rubbed oil on yourself.

They look really similar, but I can assure you that Love Letter is a more warmer color and Delight is a cooler one. It's noticeable in real life.

Bare Face
 having both 


  1. I like the look of 'delight' more than 'love letter'..
    I have yet to find a korean brand blush that I love..They're all cute and stuff, but the color and shimmer is just too much at times..
    thanks for the review..=))

  2. It's true, banila co blushes are actually not very pigmented but very shimmery. They have uber cute packaging so I'm always drawn to them, but I've since stopped purchasing them (haven't even dented the ones I have!). Usually I think shimmery blushes are good for nightlife, but these are barely pigmented. If you take a flash picture, you might just end up all white. Perhaps these are best for a little daytime shimmer. For more pigmented (but not overly pigmented) blushes, I reach for my Clio Art Blush(been using #4? every other day and still no dent -___-). These are nice because they have pigmentation, but it's not so strong where if you swipe somewhere accidentally it'll be a whole new disaster.