Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Reviews- Deborah Lippman Stripper to Go, Nicole by OPI: Blue Lace, & Borghese: Plumaggio Purple

So I got a package with goodies from a friend and decided to share the polishes with you all. Apologies for the messy application.

The first is Blue Lace from Nicole by OPI. If you've read my past reviews then you know I love the OPI formulation. It applies smoothly and dries relatively fast. This color basically looks how it does in the bottle, a turquoise like blue with green shimmer. The green shimmer is more apparent irl. I think of more like a seafoam blue-green (whatever that means). I didn't realize that it matched my shirt!

The second is Plumaggio Purple from Borghese. This looks so different from the bottle color! In the bottle it looks more purple because of the shimmers. When you apply the first coat, it's a dark cerulean blue (that warmer blue green color so dark it's almost black). The second coat brushes on the purple shimmer. I felt like I could embody the Evil Queen from Snow White in this color. Even though it's a dark color, I had to apply 3 ish coats to ensure even color. Couldn't get my cam to capture the purple right. It looks more purple than in the swatch

And finally I get a chance to review Deborah Lippman's Stripper to Go Nail Polish removing mitts. It says it's for "go-go girls". I don't know how much I appreciate the stripper reference- I don't personally want to be seen as a stripper.

The odor is strong- of the remover and the lavender.
     When I stick my finger inside it becomes very cold after a prolonged time (probably the volatility of the solvent has to do with it).
     I actually ended up using it differently than how people would normally use it. It seems you're supposed to stick your finger in the mitt and twist the polish off. Instead I put the mitt on one finger and rubbed the polish off the other hand's fingers. There is a LOT of product on here, so it really is perfect to take on the go. I didn't feel like the cloth was drying out too fast or anything.
     A feature that I LOVE is that the mitt has edges. At first I disliked this bit, but it's really useful for helping to remove polish from the edges and crevices. Also love that the cloth is stiff enough- doesn't fall apart on you. It has very strong removing power and very volatile stuff (my eyes were stinging just from being above the product.
     It can definitely last though removing a light to medium colored mani/pedi. For darker colors it probably can only take off 10 fingers cleanly.
     I have to admit that this is an excellent product, and I thank Birchbox for letting me try it!
Most likely I will not buy because I'm not usually taking my polish off while "on the go", but if you're a frequent traveler and don't want to drag a huge bottle of remover (or buy new bottles), then this is truly a wonderful solution! See the rest of the items in my March 2012 Birchbox HERE.

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