Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Birchbox: April 2012

YES! This is what I've been waiting for! Last month's Birchbox was disappointing (changed to OK status after further review), but this month I'm loving! Birchbox vs Sample Society April 2012 conclusion?  Birchbox wins!

What am I going to do with all these boxes? They're piling up. Ideas??

So excited for the BeFine Set! Saw that the box was .2lbs heavier than the last and hoped for some good samples. 2 pks cleansers, 3 pks moisturizer.
*EDIT* Turns out the moisturizer was expired! I didn't even notice (who actually notices those things?? Guess someone did). So Birchbox notified me through an email. And I'm supposed to get Birchbox Points to make up for it (although, klutz that I am, I don't remember if I put my email in right...). It's really true that Birchbox has excellent customer service. I really appreciate how they didn't try to cover things up. Mistakes happen, and I'm glad they notified everyone involved instead of keeping it hush hush (and only rectifying the situation with those that noticed it). Honestly, I wouldn't even mind if they didn't find the exact source of the problem (it doesn't seem like a frequent happening) or give points (not that big a fan of this moisturizer), but I'm glad they did! yay~ Birchbox really went above and beyond. This month they really have my stamp of approval.

The cleanser is very good. It says it's gentle, but it easily removed the heavy MAC concealer. 

Still, it's drying to my skin. Minty.
The moisturizer is spf 15 but it smells more like an actual sunscreen. ehhhh.

Dirt scrub!! so excited! Got the lemon one and it smells fresh and clean (I don't like lemon, but this was nice). Was surprised and not that fond of the oil added in at first, but my skin thoroughly thanked me later. The sample was only enough for one use though...

The little package had tea bags and lipstick *faints*

Vapour's Siren Lipstick in Intuition is wonderful. Truly dense color. This one is emollient and yet is thick enough that it won't slide around. Dramatic color that works for a sophisticated evening (for me). The only thing I hate is the packaging. It's so cheap it doesn't wind down completely.

What I was upset about was this =/.

The Amika Hair Mask is nice. It does condition hair and make it better in condition. Smells like vanilla in a more mature sophisticated perfume fragrance. Too mature for me.

The tea comes in this really funny cloth pouch. It does smell fruity. It is a weak tea so I'm disappointed. It also says Chinese Green Tea (foods from China are super suspicious) which has me on guard and well, I won't be trying the second bag.

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