Thursday, April 26, 2012

Clinique Age Defense BB Cream: Shade 1

You may remember how psyched I was about the Clinique Age Defense BB cream. it evened out skin and made it look flawless. So I went and picked it up from Sephora.

Here's a color comparison (left to right): Clinique Age Defense BB Shade 1, Missha Perfect Cover BB No.21, Missha Perfect Cover BB No.13

You can see why I say Clinique's Shade 1 is the perfect shade for me. It doesn't have that "beige/ gray" quality that the Missha No.21 does. No.13 is nice and bright as you can see, but it is a bit too light for me.

Covers 3/4 of acne scars

The BB applied nicely, but is a bit too dry for my face. It ends up showing off the dry flaky parts of my skin. I think I may have to return it since it won't get much usage at this rate. The Missha I realize has oils added to its formula so instead of drying out my skin, it gives it some oil.

I recommend the Clinique Age Defense BB for those with Normal to Oily skin. Something else that I wanted to note is how the back of the package notes that it is formulated for Asian Skin. How exciting is that?? I would have thought they would omit that when selling in US (land of diversity). No wonder the tone matched my skin so nicely.

What do you think? Will you pick this up next time you pass it?

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