Thursday, April 26, 2012

First Purchase!

I finally put in an order for the REN Glycolactic Peel Mask. At $43 it still stings, but I won't get a better price anywhere else, and this stuff really works! It came so fast. I ordered Sunday afternoon and it arrived by Monday @.@, quite shocking. A friend complains of a dry patch on her face, so I even recommended this to her.

For some reason, they send it in a huge box. Look at the size compared to what it contains. I got three samples, including one from Oscar de La Renta. The scent from my first Sample Society box is starting to grow on me so I thought I'd test out another. Definitely for the more mature woman. Guess we're operating at different generations.

There's a weird thing attached to the side of the pump top. I thought it might be another cover for the opening??  No idea.

There's something else that I must tell you all about.

With the Sample Society Membership, you get a free year subscription to Allure. Unless I read it wrong, there is an option to opt out with a refund. I've had an Allure subscription before, and while it's fun to browse through, the majority of the magazine comprises of ads. I'm done looking through it within 5-10 min. As such, I decided that I didn't want these magazines piling up every single month (too lazy to keep taking out the recycling!). So I followed the instructions and mailed in the refund form along with a copy of my invoice. 

A couple days ago, I received an issue of Allure. So you're telling me that even though I spent my own postage and time sending you these documents, you ignored my request? I was unhappy to say the least. So I contacted customer service and the response I got was that they will remove me from the subscription list. Nothing about the refund. Not that I really wanted any money back, but if you offer something you should follow through on it!! If you hadn't given us the option in the first place then I would never have spent money on postage mailing those papers in! 
EDIT: Turns out, someone actually opened my refund check and hid it somewhere else! How rude! This is why I never like people touching my things- it breeds chaos. And now I've accused the company of wrong when they did properly send me a check for $12 within a week or two. My apologies.

I also noticed that the amount changed. At first it was a $15 refund that you would get. Now it says $12 (and that is the amount I was refunded). I know I didn't misread it, because if I did then so did many other bloggers. You can do a google search and see what I'm talking about. This is the Refund Form.

As such I am removing the banner that was on the right sidebar. It seems my decision to put the banner up was premature. Birchbox still reigns when it comes to customer service.
Reinstatement of banner contingent on likeablility of upcoming box (It's shipped May 1st! can't wait!)

I will still hold off for 1 or 2 boxes before deciding if I wish to cancel my Sample Society subscription.

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