Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review: MAC Studio Sculpt!

I FINALLY got matched for MAC. People ask will this suit NCXX skin? and I had no idea how to answer because I had no idea where I was on the scale. Well now I can proudly tell you all! The salesperson stared at me and said "It's hard to tell because you have warm and cool tones in your skin" well yes, that's why I come to you (remember how I said my skin preferred neutral concealer? She ended up matching it to my wrist (lightest part of my body) because I wasn't comfortable with taking the BB cream off.

Ended up with a tester sample of NW15. But as I said she matched it to the lightest part of my body, it's a bit light for my face. NW20 was a bit orangey. So conclusion? I must be somewhere in the middle, haha.

This was supposed to be their full coverage concealer, but it still doesn't make the blemishes disappear. My skin is a bit dry and it showed with this concealer. Plus a couple days after use I started getting new pimples =/.

Won't be purchasing, but I'm glad I tried it out.

The wipe that she gave me after smells so good! Why can't they make scents like this? It's reminiscent of honeysuckle or something. A scent I detected in the John Frieda Hair dye conditioner. So addicting.

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