Thursday, June 28, 2012 Stila & Too Faced

I've been wanting to order from this site for a while. It offers products for a discounted price, so I picked up a few Stila items.

Stila Backstage Beauty Eyeshadow Palette-Runway

I hesitated in buying this product because I thought it might be too warm after looking at various swatches online. Turns out it's perfect! The lightest color is matte and goes on a nude highlighter. There's not much pigment here, but it's not exactly chalky either. The middle color has a little bit of shimmer, but it's not so chunky you have glitter falling down your face. The last color is dark enough to add dimension to your look, but isn't too contrasting. Overall these shadows are pigmented enough, but if you're used to shadows like Urban Decay or something with more pigment this may seem a bit weak at first. The plus side is that it's harder to mess up.

This set also comes with a black onyx kajal liner. It goes on pitch black and super smooth. The only problem with going on super smooth is that it smudges off super easily. I accidentally rubbed my eye a bit and came away with a black hand.

I'm not fond of the "Flower accessory" that comes with it. It's cheaply made and what would I even use this accessory for? It would have been much smarter of an idea to have it as an elastic. It would be able to more easily secure the Stila palette and you can put it on your wrist or tie your hair with it. 

Above: The left eye in the picture is Wisteria, and the right eye has the colors from the Stila Runway Palette. I used the Black Onyx Kajal liner on both eyes.

Stila Eyeshadow- Wisteria

This was not the brighter purple I was hoping for. Instead the lesser pigmentation and the subdued purple hue make this a very wearable everyday color. 

Above: Left to Right- 3 Stila Runway palette swatches, Coco, Barefoot Contessa, Wisteria

I forgot to take individual pictures of Coco and Barefoot Contessa, but the swatches are above.
Coco is the warmer brown that I didn't want. It is however, completely matte.
Barefoot Contessa is a wonderful medium brown with a hint of shimmer

Stila Tinted Moisturizer- Bare

I had no idea which color to choose, but it seemed like this worked for some others with my coloring. Turns out it's wayyy too light. The texture however is medium and it seems like it would have decent coverage, at least for evening out skin tone.

Stila One Step- Tone

Again, I got this color based on other's reviews, and again I am disappointed. The color is wayyy too orange for me. I tried mixing it with some of the Bare tinted moisturizer, but it just came out looking like a complete mess. 

Too Faced Sparkles Glamour Gloss

 I think this is to give your lips a little something extra with the colored iridescence. I haven't tried it yet, so I can't comment too much. I've seen others layer these over other lip colors for an interesting twist. For example, layering this violet over a red lipstick for a mystical sheen.

 That's it for now!

PS. Glossybox seems to have started letting users update their Beauty Profiles. Sad to say, mine still doesn't work.

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