Thursday, June 28, 2012

Glossybox Update: Beauty Profiles!

There's a whole mess involving the Glossybox Beauty Profiles. Glossybox excitedly announced on FB that the questionnaire was ready. Well when most beauties logged in, they saw the same blank page under the link. Myself included. Even though they said they were working overnight to rectify the situation, it seems like they didn't work hard enough. Finally some smart beauty found a link directly to the Beauty Profile. That's not all, when you finish, it will save and THEN it will also show up under the appropriate link! yay! Thank you!

The questions look like this. They also ask how much you spend on cosmetics/month and your age.

Now, some are also starting to complain. They're the ones who want everybody to have the same box. They must also be the ones who never bothered to read and understand Glossybox's business plan. This is a company that has been sending out boxes supposedly according to beauty profiles internationally. When you read the "How it works" on their webpage it even TELLS you it's a customized beauty experience. So this is not them changing to become like Birchbox, this is them finally getting their act together. I for one cannot wait to see the different boxes that people receive.

For those who want the same exact boxes, consider something like Sample Society. I have to say that the box I most hated from Sample Society was because I couldn't use 4 out of 5 products. They all dried out my skin. Different boxes is a welcomed relief for me because it means that I can complain about getting something that dries out my skin, or is way too dark on my fair skin. It means that I'm not stuck with some random shade I can't use after shelling out $21/month. I may not think much of half my Birchbox samples, but at least they're all things I can use.

Now, that being said, I still don't have my shipping confirmation. Last month, they sent it out on the 24th or the 25th. I might have to contact customer service soon...can't wait!

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