Thursday, June 14, 2012

Got Some Jouer Samples!

I sent in a request through Jouer's website using the "Ask a Stylist" feature. Nobody replied to me. I'm pretty sure it was at least a month or two. I finally decided to email customer service because I was interested in a few items, but had no idea how compatible they were with my skin. I also mentioned that I had attempted to go through their "Ask a Stylist" form to no avail. The next day, I got a response from the "Ask a Stylist". Hmmm suspicious. No separate answer from customer service btw. Anyhow, the stylist sent me a form of things that they thought I would like. I did mention that I normally wore neutral shades for work, but liked something fun as well.

So she put together a sample pack for me of a few things (less than what some other ppl got, but oh well). It took 3 weeks to arrive -___-. As if that weren't enough, I deleted the pics I had for the lip glosses. Thank goodness for desktop recycling bins.

Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint

This is actually very similar to a BB cream. It wasn't drying to my skin at all, which I loved. It can be sheer or you can build it up. Unfortunately it doesn't cover the more obvious blemishes, but for evening out skin tone it's great. They sent me Golden, Pearl, and Opal. Opal is supposed to be the lightest color made for "porcelain skin". I don't think I have porcelain skin, it's more like Fair. The opal was still half a shade to a shade too dark. I guess I'm supposed to use this if I want to be more tan. Gives off a "dewy" finish.

Jouer Lip Enhancer Conditioning Lip Treatment

Leaves lips shiny. It's ok. I still prefer Sugar's Fresh Lip Treatment. This one smells chemically.

Jouer Lip Gloss 

My apologies, deleted some of the swatches by accident. Wind I guess was for when I said I wear mostly neutral shades daily. It doesn't have much effect on my lips. If it were a bit more opaque I could see it as a nice nude-ish color.
Mimosa is still very sheer, but a bit more interesting looking.
It has a faint chemically smell. My lips are shiny from the above lip treatment.

Jouer Lip and Cheek Tint

These tints can be used for the lips or cheek. I've just modeled the cheek here. They have a kind of mousse texture and glide on smoothly. Love how the color is not too intense and is easy to blend. 
Whisper looks to be the color for me. Peony seems to have been added in because I said I wanted something fun. It looks scary at first, but rubbed in is very wearable. If I pair it with a lavender pink lipstick it would work nicely though.

I kind of want to try out a couple more colors before deciding (these aren't cheap!)

Have you tried Jouer? What products do you recommend?

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