Thursday, June 07, 2012

Glossybox Update: Start Getting Glossydots!

Received another 2 emails about getting charged for the June Glossybox. This is pretty early considering we just got the May one a week ago. Maybe they're changing to ship the boxes mid month instead? In any case, I'm actually very thankful for the heads up- now I know to pay my bill, lol.

I went to the Glossybox website to see if they might have listed a shipping date. No such luck, but I did find a couple other things out. First, the Beauty Profiles are still unavailable = same boxes again for June.

Second, you can start earning the Glossydots! Remember how I said there was a site listed on the card where we were supposed to go to give feedback, but I didn't see anything? Well now there are two additional links on the sidebar.

Under the "Survey" link is where you'll see the box items listed for you to review. The Amore Pacific one is missing since I've already reviewed it. To review, you click on the link to the right of the item saying "Incomplete". Once you finish reviewing, the item will disappear from that list.

There are still some strange things though. Like how this question must be answered and yet there is no "No" answer.

After you finish, you should see points added under the "My Glossydots" link's page. It seems like we have to accumulate 840pts (random number) to get a free Glossybox. That's about one and a half boxes worth of reviews if they keep it at 100 points/ review. Not bad! I just wish they would indicated on here which item it was that we reviewed.

For some reason, when I click on the links for the other products, it comes up an empty page. Maybe they're not done putting them up yet.

I also wish there was an option to change your payment method. As of right now, I can't even see what type of credit card/ name was used. Hopefully it's just still in the works.

It's been almost two months since I signed up, so I honestly thought they had abandoned updating the site. It seems like they are still working on it, (very) slowly but surely. So that's a good thing.

EDIT 6/8/2012: Seems like they finished setting up the feedback. Instead of 100 pts, they're now giving only 20/ review? Mine still says you need 840pts to get a free Glossybox but the FB post says you need 1000. Is it really only 20 now? That means to get to 1000 you need to review 50 items. At 5 items a box, you need 10 boxes minimum. Basically one Glossybox/ year? Not such a great deal. You can get several Birchboxes worth in points just by reviewing and more for referrals.

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