Sunday, January 03, 2010

Piercings are Not Meant to be Taken Out Before Their Time

Yesterday, i was so dumb! I was like "hmm..this earring looks a bit tight, maybe it got pushed in or something, I'm going to loosen it a little bit" I didn't realize that the earring back is sealed so it can't go in further. So was pulling and trying to loosen it, and then i thought I'd pull just a little harder, and I ripped the thing out! I was like O.O AHHHHH!! and then it started leaking fluid and blood. I also noticed that on the earring there was all this gross junk build up, so I cleaned it with alcohol first.

But then, when I tried to put the earring in, I couldnt get it back in! really hurt to try and put it through the hole, and I couldn't find it. I was pretty sure i was just going to end up making another hole. After 30 min and my ear turning red, I managed to get it in until the little thin skin at the back, but by then, blood had already clotted and closed it up -___-. So then I had to kind and clean the scab off and it finally went through.
then I struggled for another 15 min trying to get the backing on. seriously.
I'm so glad I decided to hold off on getting a second cartilage until this one's healed. Now i guess i'll have to treat it like a new piercing all over again. It's already been >8 weeks too. sigh.

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