Monday, August 02, 2010

Possible GMarket Pre-Order? [CLOSED]

So...some of you may know that I said I wouldn't be hauling until about Nov/Dec, but due to some really strong lemmings I'm starting to reconsider.

I've calculated the total of my wants to cost me about $100 X_X. That includes some peripera lipstick and nailpolishes (some reviews weren't that great, but due to the advertising I have a compulsion to want to try,,,), Etude house lipsticks, peach skin pore compact,  and O2 skin brightener, Clio lip plumping pencil, and that might be it.

These hairbands, rings, and earrings all from ~$.50-$1.50 also really caught my eye. I especially want the plush  bunny earrings. Imo, the more you scroll down the cuter the stuff gets =P. I also want to pick up a frog earrings for a friend's bday. But..I need to buy 10,000 won worth to escape the tiny delivery fee - like 10 items since each is about 1,000. With shipping the total of one item will be $3-4 depending on exactly what you get and how you want me to ship it. Smaller items I can ship without tracking (just in plain white envelope) and that'll be $3, tracking will be +$1. I gladly combine shipping so if you get more then it'll be cheaper shipping wise- if you get a lot then I have to ship with tracking.

If I can muster up all that money somehow (maybe sell a few things?) within this week/ week and a half I might order. I dunno what do you think?

Well with that if I order then I invite all of you to join me- it will have to be a preorder though since I have no money to put forth first. I estimate shipping to be anywhere from $3-$6 for general smallish items (the express shipping from korea is what's the most expensive). Gmarket's more accurate now about est weight, so you won't have rediculous things that say an eyeliner is 1 kg. A note of warning though, I won't be responsible for Gmarket's screw ups (if it's a wrong item or something I will try and contact them about it). If last time was any indication, then be prepared just in case. I can assure you though that I will try my best in pestering them until things get righted. Sheesh you would've thought they'd go more legit since Ebay bought them. I have feedback from ebay and soompi under the same username, Kiwichibi.

Email me at if interested. Don't post as a comment because you'll get a slower response.

I don't recommend getting larger/ more expensive items though just in case something does happen. Order an amount that you wouldn't mind losing- I'd say max maybe $30 (it stings but won't kill you) Maybe a couple earrings/ hairbands I mentioned above?

And although I was so tempted to get eyeliner again, I had to hold myself off (I haven't finished using the ones from before) and they also all smudge on me - my eyes adjust to be more oily. Forget if I've reviewed them, but that's the case.

Let's say I set a response deadline for August 8th at noon? I'm going on vacation the week after so hopefully it doesn't arrive here on one of those days- but before i head off for school again. Actually now that I look at it, it may very well come one of my vacation days. I hope no one steals it off my front porch at least... yes so that would be another thing to consider if you wanted to cast your lots in with me..ppl stealing packages. I bare no responsibility for that either.

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