Wednesday, August 11, 2010

GMarket Round 2 Update!

A hopefully brief update on the status of my order.


Made my order, which was super annoying to do since something wouldn't let me pay. then I realized it's because I wasn't using internet explorer (for some reason gmarket likes ie- one of the many reasons I shouldn't get a mac, right?). then i noticed something was missing from my cart (too little money) - oops how did that happen?- so after 45 min of struggling, my payment finally went through.


Yipee!! 2 things have shipped domestically. probably since i ordered while it was daytime over there. one is the peripera nail polishes that I ordered, and the other are all the lipsticks and stuffs from Etude House. The Etude House was a fast shipper last time too. sigh, i hope there are no problems with international shipping this time so that I can actually rate/ review them to tell them how awesome they are.

To make sure, i put the city and state on there too. since there was only one line and no city/ state I thought they didn't need it last time (because you can find the info from the zip code and street address easily) but this time i thought i should put it all on there, even on the single line because that might have actually been what caused the shipping screw up last time -___-;;; like it didn't look right to somebody so they shipped it back.

so now i'm just waiting for 6 more things to ship!


Etude House and peripera nail polishes that shipped yesterday arrived at GMarket! Clio lippies and peripera lipstick has also shipped domestically. I think the only real thing i'm waiting for now are the hairties/ earrings. =/ if I'd known they were gonna be the slow shippers then I wouldn't've ordered. I could've done without those actually. Hopefully they ship by tomorrow at least. otherwise i'm gonna have to give less than stellar shipping ratings ~.~

****EDIT x2****


So finally the last of my order has shipped domestically - and the rest have already arrived at GMarket. I don't think it'll have time to ship internationally this week, it'll probably ship Tues of next week. This waiting is so painful T_T.

****EDIT x3****


Hurray! Everything has reached GMarket. Now for the hard part...the international shipping.

****EDIT x4****


So the shipping's been calculated, and this time it's a lot closer so I only got about a $10 refund. wonder why it's close to the amount last time even though last time i ordered bigger and more things X_X. maybe box weight? I had them take the banila co out of the separate boxes since the seller's known to do that and ship them together. Est. 4.7 kg, actual: 2.08 kg. So about 5 lb off, not bad right? compared to last time's 11 kg (~24lb) difference, lol.

****EDIT x5****


Woke up this morning with a lovely surprise. My package has shipped internationally!! - Well it's been handed over to the air carrier anyways so I assume it's on it's way. I like how the EMS tracking is actually in English now instead of Korean. Although, I guess they really should have it in both just in case the person sending from korea wants to know where it is.

It's also the first time I'm seeing the red "Item Received" buttons. This must be a very good sign that things are going smoothly. The only thing though, why do they have to have the buttons show up so early? I'm rediculously tempted to click on them even though my items haven't arrived! lol.

Even MORE exciting, on the tracking page it tells you what flight the package is on, so you can actually track the plane as well!! I popped my flight number into google, and it told me that the plane had landed in Alaska. And now it's en route to an airport in NY. It'll arrive there at almost 1 am. I wonder if they have a break or they immediately send the packages off for shipping/ flying. That's a lot of work. Hopefully my local USPS can kick it into gear too and maybe if the truck can get over to my state by morning, then USPS can deliver by tomorrow!!! Yea, I guess that's not likely.

****EDIT x6****


RAWR!!!!! They delivered this morning, but my doorbell didn't work, so now I still have no package! T^T. I'll try to go to the po today and pick it up once I figure out where it is.

- I've picked up my huge package and nothing is broken, yay!!  I end this post here!

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