Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain: Twilight + Gothic

I went to my local drugstore to find that Neutrogena lipcolor, but I'd forgotten that my Rite Aid doesn't carry Neutrogena! So while I was there I saw the Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain and decided to pick Twilight up. I then saw a buy one get one 50% off sticker so i picked up Gothic too. Turns out they didn't give me the 50% off- I was in a rush so i didn't check.

So I guess that's good for you cuz now I get to review both. Twilight's a darker blueberry stain color. I picked it up cuz i thought Gothic might be too bright of a red for me. Gothic is what you might consider true red, but it has orange undertone hints- the color is a deep red and it's absolutely gorgeous the pictures don't do it justice. I ended up liking this color and not Twilight on me so much. Twilight I hadn't expected the color to be that blue. It's too cool toned for me. Well it' looks like my natural color but darker and a step of blue.

The stain does stay on and not smudge or rub off, but i thought it was a light stain, turns out to pack quite a bit of color. And at first I thought it doesn't really stain your lips since i just rubbed all of it off with spit. o.o but I tried again later with Gothic alone, no balm, and even til now it's stained my lips a bit. How much? to the point where my mom thought my lips were bleeding and my dad thought I put something on >.>...

The balm really does feel quite nice =D. When you first apply it, it's only in a thin layer so it looks uneven, but if you apply another coat or more it won't be noticeable. This one I just did one coat. Twilight's on the top, Gothic's on the bottom.

More coatings with the balm- twilight's still on the top and gothic on the bottom. irl, Twilight's not this red, more berry, and gothic doesn't look that orange-

Just Gothic. Don't know what's up with that bright red orange center piece, it doesn't look orange at all irl. Just a nice deep red.

I had a full face one, but I forgot it, so I'll post it up later. Here it is, it's nice though, right? Not orange-y.

The ONLY problem with these that keeps me from being able to keep them is that I think I'm slightly allergic to something in there. I must just be strange though cuz I haven't heard of anyone else having reactions to it- and I'm not really allergic to anything (although there'a a high possibility I may be allergic to my Neutragena sunscreen when it's mixed with my sweat and left there for a while- lovely description isn't it).

*Edit* I just thought of why I prolly didn't get the buy one get one 50% off discount. That was only if you had your wellness card, but i didn't- the cashier tried to look up my card using my number but it wasn't there, so I just applied for another one. but he didn't scan the card first when I was paying! 


  1. hi! i'm a new follower. I stumbled upon your blog while searching for lip tint reviews ( i'm crazy about liptints!) I really like your reviews and half lip swatches. Looking forward if you are having a blog sale hehe..overall you have a great blog keep the posts coming :)