Monday, August 23, 2010

Paint those Nails!


Wow, I never really understood why ppl liked this brand so much until I bought my first ones this week. I'd been lemming for these two colors and online they were much more expensive than in the store. Oh right, both of these are OPI for Sephora by the way.

The blue is Opening Night- which I saw a youtube vid by Panacea on and wanted. It's more blue than I envisioned, but ok. The brown-red is I'm with Brad, which I saw on a friend and loved.

Both I just swatched one layer, and really messily because...I'm a slob.

I love the formula. It dries so quickly and nicely. At first the I'm with Brad had me scared since it came out sheer, but I just glomped more on and it was fine. Even though you see a lot of red in these pics, the actual natural light look is more like a brown with a red sheen. Gorgeous.

I wish these came in minis because I rarely use this much nailpolish. I still have a bottle from 4 years ago which isn't even halfway used. If any of you has a small nailpolish bottle and would like some of either then I'd be glad to share. It'll probably be $3-$5 with shipping depending on how big your bottle is. Or you can send me the bottle and an envelope and stamps to ship it back to you and I'll just charge a couple bucks for the polish itself. Email:

I envision using I'm with Brad more since it goes with my skintone more.

OH! and I love the bottles. I love how they use heavy plastic for the top and how the whole bottle feels really solid. That was surprising.

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