Monday, August 23, 2010

Review: Etude House LUCIDarling Fantastic Rouge Lip Gloss - #3

I had wanted to get this and the lipsticks from the line way back when it had just come out, but I couldn't pull myself together to put that much into a haul. Thus, you've already seen some of this line around on blogs. Still, I don't see many reviews of the gloss, whether it's because people didn't purchase it or because they just didn't see a need to review, I don't know. 

This gloss along with the lipsticks from the line are marketed as having the LED technology. Which I'm not too clear on what that means since I can't read the descriptions, but I think it basically means it makes the color of itself more apparent than your lip color or something because of how it reflects.

The gloss is thick, very different from the peach water glosses. It also has a hint of some scent although it's not strong or that noticeable. I like having the thicker gloss because it stays on longer. And I'm used to it from using the L'oreal Juicy Color Gloss for so long. 

At first it seems like any normal gloss, but when you wipe it away, POW! you notice that your lips have turned into a disco ball. I suppose this is where the LED thing comes from, many many micro sparkles/ glitters. Even though it's glittery, you don't notice it very much when you apply the gloss. It just looks like a shiny gloss. Maybe the glitter is just very finely milled or something. I think the leftover sparkles are kind of fun because if the gloss should wear away for some reason, your lips still have the fun sparkles to give them a little something something. 

The only thing is that if you're a lip licker, I'd advise you not to lick this one because of the glittery things.

I think it's funny how the korean glosses have such scary color pigmentation in the tube, but when you apply them, it's just a hint of color.

Overall I like this gloss. It cost a little less than $7. While that's a surprising price for a gloss, it's a pretty big tube.

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