Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Haul is Here!!

I got my package yesterday but waited to post this because the system wouldn't let me review the items since I missed the delivery, so it said "Delivery Failure" even though I already picked it up. I had to wait until today to review.

Just wanted to go through a couple things I learned this time around.
1) Check the seller reviews. If there are any visible "Dissatisfied"s in any column then that's something to watch out for. Especially when it pertains to delivery because that can hold up your entire order

2) If you have stamps, try the 1 stamp lotto. You can exchange 5 stamps for a 1000 won coupon as a sure thing, but I tried using the 1 stamp/ 1000 won lotto and got 4-1000 won coupons in my 6 tries. I think that's a lot better of a deal. I don't recommend trying the 2 stamps/ 2000 won cuz if you lose then you just lost two. Also, that means look for sellers that give out stamps too, because that will help your future order. Don't convert stamps right away but only when you're going to use them because they do expire.

3) In the US, USPS will try to deliver, and when no one opens the door you either have to fill out the slip for redelivery - at least another 2 days wait >.< - or you pick it up yourself. They don't just leave the package.

4) When making your order, put your entire address on that one line, lol. Since it's printed onto the delivery form that way, I'm pretty sure that's probably why they returned it last time now. Also, GMarket does make mistakes, they left out a number on my zip code- and yes i did put it in right

5) Review the right thing under the right page. I was being dumb and even though I knew it said peach blusher, I somehow ignored/ forgot and proceeded to review a lipstick under that. And there's no way I can remove it. I notified customer service ^^;; So yes, that big block of irrelevant review that sits there staring back at me is mine. I am dumb.

6) You can't use the cash balance to pay first then pay for the rest of your order some other way. If you want to use the remaining money in your cash balance you have to buy something less than that amount- which means more expensive shipping. I chose to go the pay more right now and stick more money in there for a future haul route. $15 shipping for one item just doesn't sit right with me. Especially in this economy

7) Package took a total of 10 days to arrive

Items that I particularly liked from this haul are:

Etude House Fantastic Rouge Lucidarling Lipsticks - #5&8
Etude House Peach Pore Pact
Etude House Cheek Stamp - #5

And I'm still waiting to try the O2 White Mask out longer to see if it actually works.

As you can see, the items are all Etude House. No wonder it's such a popular brand. Next time I'm definitely not hesitating to order from them again since this now makes 2 very good experiences.

I was going to post a picture of the overall haul, but now that I think about it, I don't have one -___- it's all on my camera, and i can't get it onto this computer because the adapter is built into my other computer which is currently being fixed for the SECOND time this summer with the same problem. The first time being when I hauled the first time so there were no pics up then even though I said there were going to be. I'll go back and post those up now i guess, lol. And this haul's I'll do when i get my computer back.


So apparently once you post a review, it can't be taken off, even by the GMarket ppl X_X. Now my stupidity is permanent.

On a good note, here are haul pics.
As you can see, GMarket really plays down the value of the items. I have to wonder if customs doesn't ever find it really suspicious that this huge box would only have 4 items. 

And If someone could tell me what this box says, I'd be delighted.

 Bet you were wondering what's that long freebie from Etude House. Well, assembled, it's two makeup organizers! Which is really cool, but I only need one. If you would like the other, let me know, I'll send it to you for $3 shipped if you live in the United States.

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