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Beauty Bar + Allure: Sample Society May 2012

OH THANK YOU! T^T Let us all gather in a circle of hugs as we cry tears of joy. We finally have makeup! XD. I was really excited to get my box this month after peeking (can't help it). Not so excited to see that the price went up for me again ($16.05 -__-, each of my boxes has been a different price).

The box weighs less this month, but I'm much more excited about the items than for April's box ^^. It's like an early bday present.
Let's jump in!


1. Colorescience Pro SPF 20 Travel Puff: Illuminating Pearl Powderprovides sun protection whenever and wherever you need as well as a dose of color to keep your complexion looking its best. This weightless mineral pigment provides hours of water-resistant SPF 20 and fits easily in any purse or bag, making it perfect for travel. Each puff contains 10-20 applications for multiple uses. Once empty, use for other makeup applications.

      • I was interested to try this out because these travel puffs have been popular recently.
      • Tried to take a picture, but the effect was not extremely noticeable. Saw the powder poof into the air but there wasn't a huge difference to the area of application.
      • Deposits shimmers onto skin, smooths out skin tone with light coverage (My finishing powder needs to get here soon).
      • Not quite the product for me. Got so frustrated patting the puff on my face and not knowing if anything was depositing
      • Still glad I was able to try it out. May use it if I start to look oily late in the day (seemed to sop up oil a bit)
      • Full size worth $10
2. Bond No.9 New York Gift Collection Bon Bon: Bleeker Street  - For those who wanted to give the entire city of New York as a gift: Bond No. 9 first-ever scent miscellany; 18 of our fragrances in pocket spray form, packed in two enticing layers in a sturdy white box. The elegantly elongated bottles, wrapped like candles in our signature foils, are perfectly sized for travel. Plus, they're refillable!
Essential Elements: Set includes: Bryant Park, Chelsea Flowers, The Scent of Peace, Chinatown, Andy Warhol Silver Factory, Eau de New York, Bleecker Street, Broadway Nite, Nuits de Noho, Wall Street, Fire Island, Little Italy, Park Avenue, Chez Bond, Coney Island, So New York, Hamptons, West Side.

        • Mine was Bleecker Street (how did you know purple is my favorite color =D)- "The scent of New York night life
          Art, fashion, seduction, and dessert in liquid form. A warm and sensual aphrodisiac that glides from day into evening.
          Fragrance Notes: Patchouli, cassis, caramel, woods, musk."
        • It's a sharp/ fresh fragrance with a hint of sweetness underneath. Can totally go from day to evening.
        • HATE these perfume vials because they are so hard to open. Every time I try to open these, I feel like it's just going to spill all over the place
        • It's a nice scent, but doesn't particularly attract me. Could have it or not, doesn't really matter
        • Full set 18ct (.25 fl oz each) $260, sample vial .057 fl oz worth $3.29
3. Alterna UV+ Color Fade Proof Fluidecombines strengthening pure Organic Bamboo Extract & color-locking, damage-locking Kalahari Melon Extract in a formula that weightlessly shields hair with a UVA/UVB barrier to fade-proofs color while enhancing vibrancy & multi-dimensional shine. With rinse resistant Color Hold® UV+ Technology for the highest level of color protection • Weightless formula 
• Enhances vibrancy & multi-dimensional shine
• Can be used alone or combined with any styling aid
• UVA/UVB shielding barrier
• Prevents color wash-out & fade-out 
• Highest level of color protection
• Contains rinse resistant UV filters that protect against oxidative color damage

      • Plan on dyeing hair tomorrow so what a coincidence ^^
      • At first I was thinking that applying this every single day is really tedious ( = not doing), but then I smelled how lovely it is @.@ very fruity and yummy
      • Like a hair oil
      • Cute pump
      • Not sure whether I'd continue with the daily maintenance thing, but will try after dyeing.
      • Full sized 2.5 oz $24, sample size .25 oz worth $2.40
4. StriVectin SD Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks & Wrinkles original with even more potent collagen-boosting peptides and Strivectin re-engineered the formula with NIA-114. Discovered in DNA skin cancer research, NIA-114 accelerates the rebuiling of skin layers. 

      • *squeal*! So excited!!! I've been wanting to try this for so long, but never could because of the hefty price tag. Didn't want to spend the big bucks only to find out it didn't work
      • Using for facial wrinkles and stretch marks
      • Smells minty fresh, texture is just thick enough
      • Can't wait to see what happens, will give an update in a month or two.
      • Full sized 5 oz worth $135, sample size .75 fl oz worth $20.25
5. Stila Cosmetics Forever Your Curl MascaraFeaturing innovative lash-curl memory, this eye-catching wonder contains a proprietary resin that continuously curls lashes throughout the day - and holds curl for long-lasting results. A unique brush design coats and extends each individual lash, while an intense carbon black hue delivers maximum impact.

        • Lashes remain soft and pliable
        • Dark color makes strong impact (Eyes look better)
        • Not waterproof = not so fond of. Still working my way through Kanebo Kate (they make lashes firm so some don't appreciate) 
        • Noticed lashes lengthen a little bit.
        • Not sure about the curl hold, could just be my short stick straight lashes. It seems like others didn't rate it well on sephora (only 2.5 stars)
        • Full sized .24 oz worth $22, sample size .12 fl oz worth $11

Overall: Total Box Value ~$46.94

VALUE: Good! Really appreciate how they're all things that I can try/ use.

APPEARANCE: Each sample didn't have it's own little box this time, and it looked a bit empty upon opening but I'm happy with the items so it's ok.

ITEMS: Loved! We got makeup this time (still no color though), and everything was something I was excited to try. 

FAVORITES: Most excited to try out the StriVectin SD Intensive Concentrate for Stretch and Wrinkle & Stila Forever Your Curl Mascara

What do you think? Are the boxes luring you in yet? 

If you've been hooked, visit my first two Sample Society posts (tag link on Right Sidebar) to learn more. Be sure to use the code JMANGO when you sign up so they donate $5 to charity!

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