Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Glossybox USA: June 2012

     I have some issues with Glossybox. Like how I was charged almost a month ago for the June box, and am just now getting it- it's July. And then I was charged for July before I even got the June box. Every beauty subscription seems to have its growing pains, but this is ridiculous. Luckily I was only charged once- my sympathies to the beauties who got their credit cards maxed out from multiple charges.

     And then Glossybox subscribers will know that the shipping is ridiculously slow. It started out in the same state as me, landed somewhere not 45 minutes away, and took 3 days to get to my mailbox. =/ Can I just drive to the warehouse and pick it up next time? Sample Society shipped out yesterday from Pennsylvania and managed to arrive today as well. huh.

     Then I had a huge surprise while opening my boxes (has nothing to do with these boxes though) that I shall not speak about. I will only say that it left me reeling and I definitely needed a few moment to continue with my unboxings. X_X What a day.

On with it!! So this month's Glossybox had a couple of variations. I think one box has the mascara, and the other Ofra eyeshadow. I got the eyeshadow, which I wanted, but just not in this color.... I don't think the variations are based on Beauty Profiles since we didn't really all get a chance to fill those out in time. It's more likely they just randomly sent out different boxes.

A Perfume Organic- Urban Organic

    • I'm not fond of this perfume scent. You can definitely smell the Lavender and Basil. Sharp scent. Oil like consistency
    • Full size 0.41 oz $65, sample size ?
First Aid Beauty Smooth Shave Cream

    • White, no added fragrance- smells like glue
    • It's ok, I did get a clean shave, but that seems like it's more from my razor's 5 blades. 
    • Legs left with a frictious feeling. Akin to what my skin feels like after using glycerin soap. Some people like that "squeaky clean" feeling. I prefer my legs to be smooth and silky. To glide against each other. Didn't foam much.
    • I'm not really sure what this offers as a different shaving product (yes I know it's listed, but im not seeing the effects) compared to something like Skintimate.
    • Full Size 6.8 oz $16.50, sample size 2 fl oz worth $4.85
AHAVA Mineral Botanic Hibiscus & Fig Velvet Cream Wash

    • I was most excited for the AHAVA. Milky color. Smells absolutely divine. Nothing super new scent wise for these body products, but it just smells really yummy. Kind of like ripe pears. I did detect a faint after smell of Flintstone chewable vitamins, so that's suspicious. But it's hardly noticeable. Like shampoo consistency. 
    • Mixed it with a bit of the Qtica Lemon Exfoliating Sugar Scrub, and it was on!! Legs got back to silky smooth (after dealing with the shaving cream stuff above)
    • Full size 17 oz $22, sample size 3 fl oz worth $3.88
Wella Professionals Enrich Moisturizing Treatment

    • This smells super yummy too.
    • It was nice. Not too much else to say about it. I think the stronger conditioners that come with hair dye work better (like the John Frieda, L'oreal Healthy Look)
    • Full Size 5.07 oz $12, sample size 0.84 fl oz worth $1.99
Ofra Cosmetics Eye Shadow ICE- Never Back

    • I was looking forward to this since people say it doesn't budge.
    • A bit disappointed since I would have preferred the black or plum color. I love purple so the plum would be ok for me. And others have noted that the black can be used as a liner (it just so happens my gel liners dried up). But what can I do with gray?? Ideas??
    • They have a champagne/ nude color called In the Flesh. If this is a good product I might consider getting that.
    • EDIT: So I tried using it underneath shadow to give it a pop. Instead I think these particular colors popped more without the gray (no gray on bottom). This eyeshadow really doesn't seem to budge, once it's dry it doesn't smudge. That means it's also not very blendable once it dries. Now I really want to try the black one as an eyeliner.
    • Full size 0.47 oz worth $14.95
vBeaute- Lite Up, Buying Time, & Eye Never

    • Skin care set that a lot of people are disappointed with due to size,
    • How can they expect us to get a feel for the product when most of the tube is empty? With makeup you can make do with a couple uses, but with skincare you really don't see any effect until you've used the product quite a few times. 
    • Lite Up: liquidy, milky white in color. Just enough for 1 liberal use. Can't discern brightening effects on hyperpigmentation with one use.
    • Buying Time: A pretty average feeling moisturizer. A little more than 1 use.
    • Eye Never: Not the lightest eye cream, but not heavy either.
    • Full size Lite Up 1 oz $150, sample size 0.033 oz worth $4.95
    • Full size Buying Time 1.7 oz $135, sample size 0.033 oz worth $2.62
    • Full size Eye Never 0.5 oz $85, sample size 0.033 oz worth $5.61
Total Box Value ~$38.85
Overall I like the box, but not sure about how my $21 is being used. I sign up for these boxes to get introduced to new products but ehhh...

**EDIT** I got the "Order Received" email twice and totally freaked out. Luckily I was only charged once still. This is making me super nervous. Is this their computer system or someone screwing up?? I just don't understand how they're charging people multiple times- multiple times.

I've been thinking what to do with all these subscription boxes that are accumulating. They're really nice so I think I'll wrap people's Xmas presents in these haha. And these small bottles and jars I'll find a use for as well.

Did you get something different in your box? Share with me! 


  1. I think $21 is too much money for what you get so I cancelled.

    1. Their first couple boxes had interesting things, but this one I'm not completely loving. Since I'm stubborn, I think I'll stick it out for another month or so. Hm... decisions decisions