Thursday, July 05, 2012

Essie!: Lilacism, Nice is Nice, Tart Deco, Lapis in Luxury, Turquoise in Caicos, Guchi Muchi Puchi, A French Affair, Dive Bar

I've been avoiding Essie for as long as I can remember. Their little rectangular bottles just didn't hold any appeal for me (esp at $8 a pop). They have a huge line of elegant pinks, but the polishes looked too sheer in the bottle.

Did I tell you that I've been looking for a Lilac color? Well I have, and it seems like I couldn't find the perfect shade anywhere =/. I noticed Essie had some and decided to try them out at a Walgreens (technically, you're not supposed to, but they were displayed such that I accidentally thought you could =X). There were definitely a good set of super sheer pinks ("You put something on?" my friend said). But then I found a pink that was light in color, but not too sheer. And that was Guchi Muchi Puchi. Then I tried Lilacism and fell in love (or so I thought).

HELLO ESSIE!! This is pretty much where my obsession began.

Ulta was having a buy 2 get 1 free sale, so I snagged some for me and couple friends.The results are below!

Nice is Nice on thumb, Guchi Muchi Puchi on index, Turquoise in Caicos on middle, Lapis in Luxury on ring, and Lilacism on pinky.

Nice is Nice is more purple (warmer) than Lilacism (cooler). Lilacism is also a bit lighter in color.

Tart Deco on index, Dive Bar on middle

 Dive Bar is such a beautiful color in the bottle (blue, purple, and green shimmers), but applied it turned out too dark =/
Tart Deco is a coral/orange. A bit too bright for my tastes.

Dive Bar is so pretty in the bottle, but it doesn't translate onto the nail.

Just for fun, I swatched Dive Bar with a couple other super dark colors in my polish collection.

Thumb: Essie Dive Bar with Borghese Plumaggio Purple layered on top
Index: Borghese Plumaggio Purple
Middle: Essie Dive Bar
Ring: Zoya Cynthia
Pinky: Zoya Indigo

 I don't wear the others much, but Zoya Indigo I love looking at. All those silver glitters make me think of stars in the night sky =)

^A French Affair. Love this color!

^ Nice is Nice on my toes. It's my new favorite color!!

Surprisingly, I did get full cover with a couple coats. I guess the more "sheer" appearance of the Essie polishes is what allows the lighter colors to go on nicely instead of having a "white out" effect.

These polishes also dry really quickly too! Within 10 minutes I'm good to go. I did a Nice is Nice mani on the beach, and only one nail got seriously messed up (got knocked over by waves a few times..)

If you have a favorite Essie color, please share!

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