Monday, July 09, 2012

Feather Lashes

Decided to get in touch with my funky side for a bit. The main lash tutorial I found on Youtube - Enkoremakeup's channel.

1. Buy some fun feathers from a craft store. I got these from Michaels- brand is Creatology.
2. Choose two that are the same in size. Mine are similar, but not exactly the same. You can trim it later a tiny bit.

3. Spray a tiny bit of hairspray so the feathers don't go everywhere.
4. Cut/ peel off half of the feathers

5. Run your nail under the quill to bend it (so it conforms to your eye shape better)
6. Apply with lash glue.

I used the pink Urban Decay eyeshadow from the 50 year anni palette. It's so much more wearable than I initially thought.

You can also play around with other designs.

This one underneath I used Urban Decay's "Rockstar" as a base color. I was trying to channel a rock star, but the rest of the picture actually looks more like a beauty shot -__-||

This one below was also inspired by another youtuber. She does it better than I do. You can find hers by searching up "Feather Lash tutorial" as well I think.

The eyeshadow above is by Fyrinnae, called "Sennyo", which means Fairy/ Nymph. I'd like to think I have a good start on that concept here!

I wish there were more dress up parties~

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