Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Review: Jouer Cheek & Lip Tints + Butter London Teddy Girl Lippy

Got my second order from They need to seriously get smaller boxes.

The Jouer Cheek & Lip Tints are smaller than I would've thought.

I like how they have their own mirrors and can slide together. It was kind of disappointing that the actual product is maybe 1"x1". $20 for these things is a lot!

On the left- the darker red is Dahlia, on the right-the pink is Petal.

Petal is very light pink. Creamy in consistency

Dahlia sweated, and is more like an oil now. It has a lot of pigment, so just a dab will do.

Butter London's Lippy- Teddy Girl

It is tacky. You can't really rub your lips together or the application becomes uneven. Best to pre-exfoliate. People were complaining that it's not as light as the polish, but if it were really that light, this color would not be wearable. It's ok to me. The most offending part of this product is the smell. It smells like flowers. That is really distracting on your mouth. Why didn't they choose something edible to flavor? The smell doesn't really go away either. I had really wanted Primrose Hill Picnic, but was just out of that color. I'm not sure if I want to try another Lippy, or try to find a dupe with a different formula. Maybe an actual lipstick?

BTW, my Birchbox still hasn't arrived. At this rate, I don't think it's really shipped yet. Probably just sitting in their warehouse.

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