Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Sample Society: July 2012

I'm just going to jump right in.

Borghese Tono Body Lotion

    • Admittedly I didn't think much of this product. The ugly orange packaging was just such a turn off.
    • When I tried it it was a whole different story! This actually moisturizes my dry skin without being greasy. It has a faint fresh scent. I think I smelled this from the Murad face wash last time or something.
    • I would purchase the full size, but $36 for a moisturizer is steep @_@
    • Full size 8.4 oz $36.50, sample size 1 oz worth $4.35
Jouer Cosmetics Luminizing Moisture Tint SPF 20- Golden

    • Well, well, what do we have here? Something that I just tried out last month. Unfortunately this is not my color. Maybe I'll try giving it to a friend.
    • As a quick recap, I think this product is excellent for evening out skin tones, and it didn't dry out my already dry skin.
    • How did SS know I wanted Jouer things?? Now I can purchase the cheek and lip tints with the $15 off coupon! Awesome!
    • Full size 1.7 oz $38, sample size .17 fl oz worth $3.80
vbeautĂ© vbeaute Eye Never Nourishing Repair Eye Creme

    • Well this looks familiar. Like maybe from the June Glossybox?
    • Full size Eye Never 0.5 oz $85, sample size 0.033 oz worth $5.61
Sisley-Paris Hydra Globa Intense Anti-Aging Hydration

    • This is a lighter moisturizer than the Borghese. Definitely smell the lavender. How crazy is the pricing?!
    • Full size 40 ml $250, sample size 4 ml worth $25
Vincent Longo Vincent Longo Duo

Roseberry on the left, Patch of original lip color at top middle, and Spring Rose on the right.
    • I really love this duo. It's not too creamy so the color won't budge. A tidge drying though so I would apply some balm underneath
    • At first they look similar, but Spring rose has shimmer and makes for an interesting day color.  Roseberry is matte and a bit more intense- good for evening wear. They're both wearable flattering shades. 
    • Full size $26
Overall Box Value Total ~ $64.76
FAVORITES: Borghese Tono Body Lotion & Vincent Longo Duo Lip Pencil

Every time I think about canceling Sample Society, they always send me some things that I'm happy with. Ahhh, what to do.

I really want to see swatches of the other lip pencil colors if people got different ones.

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