Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Look at Allure September 2012

I had something I wanted to say beforehand, but as usual I forgot it all =P. EDIT: I remember! So something that I didn't realize annoyed me is when you mention a friend in a facebook post, then they tag someone else, then that person tags a whole bunch of other people. I know this sounds so silly and petty, but I can't help but think "dude! I don't know you! stop tagging all these random people!" Then again, I am a pretty private person.

Well, they're still sending me these darn magazines to fill up my recycling bins with. This is just a quick browse so the pictures are not going to be amazing and will have random flash spots (I just want to point things out).

Giorgio Armani's Acqua di Gioia is actually quite nice. It's an energetic scent. What I found most interesting is that there is a hint of mint! haha.

I'm actually liking the Vince Camuto Must better than the Peter Som Lust. The bag however has to be Alexander McQueen. The structured silhouette has my eyes fixed firmly (if only I had the money!). I could care less for the DKNY bag.The Derek Lam Lust is intriguing (although not on me, on a tall person), and the Alexander Wang boots are where it's at. Forget about these Nine Wests.

I squealed in delight at this pretty page of heels. They're all lovely, but I keep returning to look at the Derek Lam. Without the ankle strap, it would look a bit retro and dowdy for my tastes, but the strap puts and interesting spin to the shoe. I want it in a different color. That green is too hard for me too pull off, haha.

Love her outfit and the statement pieces!

Loving this dress. I do smell the citrus and florals in Isaac Mizrahi's Fabulous. It's a nice fresh clean scent. 

Chloe does indeed smell clean, sophisticated, chic- in a gentle way, not in a disgustingly cloying perfume way. It kind of reminds me of how asian cosmetics and skincare/bath items are scented. I'd get it if it weren't so darn expensive! Body lotion and shower gel are $50 a piece. Can you make a $20 rollerball version of this too?

Ah! I haven't even tried out the newspaper print manicure, but these barcode nails sound interesting. I will have to try them out.

My favorite part of Allure. LOVE the dresses and the coats.

Loving the Dior dress on the left. I'd need someone to donate it to me and somewhere to wear it to.


Oscar de la Renta's Live in Love made a sample appearance in this issue as well. It's definitely growing on me. I guess that's what separates good perfumers from the layperson- the scents they make just start smelling better and better. Personally I would use this as an evening scent, but I can see how it would work as a day scent for many out there.

That's it!

Oh, and there was a sample of L'oreal's BB cream Illuminator, so look forward to a review of that. It's in Medium though so I don't expect much from the color.

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